“I Can’t Breathe” Women’s Basketball Team Comes out in Support of Eric Garner

Cassius Methyl
December 12, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) On Saturday in South Bend Indiana, the Notre Dame University Women’s Basketball team came out for pre-game warmups wearing shirts that said ‘I Can’t Breathe’, in support of Eric Garner and his family.

The team joined a list of countless other professional/college athletes who recently showed support for Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Perhaps most importantly, the addition of all these athletes to the nationwide demonstrations against the militarized, overly powerful police makes it less of a fringe issue in the eyes of the least aware.

With not just activists and protestors supporting the nationwide display of opposition to the police state and police killings, but professional athletes and celebrities joining the ranks, a new demographic of people is reached, and people who would not normally be exposed to the info are being persuaded to think.

The University of Notre Dame and coach of the team approved the team’s request to wear the shirts.

A player on the team, Taya Reimer, said she came up with the idea after seeing protests at the University.

“A few of us talked about it and we thought wearing these shirts for the game would be a cool way to show our support and give our condolences to families that have lost someone,”

Coach Muffet McGraw said the team’s staff even dressed in black to show support for the deceased Eric Garner.

She said.

“I was really proud of our team, especially Taya, to publicly stand for something you believe in,” and “I think one of the things I try to teach them is you’ve got to fight. You’ve got to fight for playing time. You’ve got to fight to win a national championship. You have to be willing to stand up and fight and you have to be accountable.”

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick also said he was proud of the team.

“They are students first and you want students at a university to be passionate about things, to be engaged in conversations about social issues,” He said. “If there’s anything I worry it’s that our kids get too focused on the athletic side of it and don’t do enough of the other things.”

Please share this with as many people as possible. The motivation to stand up in opposition of something, such as the current paradigm of the police, is a beneficially contagious thing.

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