Woman Finds 13 Pounds of Cannabis Stashed in Her Van

Alex Allen
January 28, 2015

(DIGITALJOURNAL) Alamogordo, NM – A New Mexico woman was shocked when she found an old stash of marijuana in the van her family has owned for more than 13 years.

If you’ve ever bought a used vehicle, you’ve probably been digging around in it and found something you never knew was there; maybe an empty lipstick tube, a used hairbrush or a rotten hamburger. But it’s quite likely that you’ve never found anything that compares to the shocking 13 pounds of marijuana a New Mexico mom recently found in the van she’s owned for more than a decade.

According to Alamogordo News, Melodie Peil bought her 1990 Chevrolet van from a local dealer a little over 13 years ago. When she bought it, however, she had no clue that there was something very interesting inside one of the doors. In fact, it wasn’t until recently when the family was working on the van that they found the massive pot stash lodged in one of the rear doors.

The family had apparently been having some troubles with the lock on one of the back doors of the van. A family friend was trying to repair the lock when he found five bricks of marijuana, all wrapped in plastic and foil, as he removed the door panel.

The Alamogordo Police Department (who Peil immediately contacted after the stash was found) says the marijuana could be at least15 years old. They also said that, at current street value, bricks of pot could be worth thousands of dollars. Of course, these bricks are worth absolutely nothing at this point because of their old age.

But perhaps the most interesting part of this bizarre story is not the discovery of the marijuana itself but the fact that border patrol never found the stash, although they apparently had several opportunities. Peil says she has taken her family across state lines in the van on multiple occasions.

Peil will be putting her van through an x-ray to make sure there’s nothing else shocking in the vehicle.

This article originally appeared on Digital Journal and was used with permission. Image credit: ukhomeoffice/Flickr