Why Was ‘2014’ Just Added to the Georgia Guidestones?

Aaron Nelson (TheAntiMedia)
September 23, 2014

Someone has updated the Georgia Guidestones with a new ‘2014‘ corner piece. If this doesn’t creep you out, you probably have no idea what these stones are. Some obvious questions you may be asking include, who originally built the Georgia Guidestones? Who installed the ‘2014 cube’? Why? Is this just a sick joke, or do the ‘new 10 commandments‘ for the ‘Age of Reason‘ serve some sort of purpose? Why 2014? There are dozens of  unanswered questions and no one seems to have a good answer. Thumbnail credit: Sir Mildred Pierce


Apparently a notch showed up in photos around 2009, flash forward to the present and this cube has appeared inside the notch. Did the builder of the Georgia Guidestones die in 2014? Or do these mysterious figures know something we don’t?

Expect this news to spread like wildfire… I’ve never seen anything like this before, so I asked an expert on the occult what he thought about this new cube. He immediately had a lot of interesting thoughts and identified some potential hidden meanings the cube could be symbolizing. I have included a quote from him below.

The Black Cube of Saturn, or ‘Saturn’s Hexagon’ is a hexagonal storm on the north pole of Saturn, a ‘vortex’ discovered in 1981, that has persisted on the planet Saturn for an unknown period of time. 

Saturn’s Hexagon

It is speculated that the sects of the elite who are into the occult, such as the Freemasons, are referencing Saturn’s Hexagon with much of their symbolism. Monuments around the world exist that look incredibly similar and depict huge black cubes, several of them at an angle like Saturn’s Hexagon. Some people believe these monuments were all erected by powerful people that are active in the occult. A monument erected ‘in remembrance of 9/11’ in New York may be the best example of this- it is a vortex-like, concave cube dug into the ground, very much resembling the vortex of Saturn’s Hexagon, to an eye keen to occult symbolism. There are many, many more buildings and monuments across the world that are eerily similar. 

The cube is for whatever reason, a significant symbol to the powerful people who are into the occult, like the pyramid or the number 33. Taking note of the use of symbolism by any group of people can be very significant to drawing connections, as human beings simply have a tendency to behave this way, using symbols and images secretly or not secretly packed with intent and meaning to further reinforce ideas. 

Perhaps the Black Cube of Saturn is what the Georgia Guidestones masterminds had in mind when they inserted the ‘2014 block’, or maybe the cube had other symbolic significance.  

Either way, these monuments all depicted what is believed to be the Black Cube of Saturn. Powerful people are certainly known to place symbols in front of our faces that secretly have much meaning and intent, without informing us of the significance. The update to the Georgia Guidestones is an excellent example of this. The Freemasons might be the most notable group to behave this way, erect monuments drenched in symbolism and hidden dark meaning.”

Black Cube of Saturn
Black Cube of Saturn

So, what do you think… Is the ‘Black Cube of Saturn‘ what the builders were symbolizing with the addition of a cube to the Georgia Guidestones?

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