What Would Happen to Earth if All the Humans Disappeared?

“Recognize that you are a product of nature, and that your very existence depends upon other products of nature.” -Dr. Shaklee

Lavonne Mireles
February 10, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Poof, all of a sudden, we all blast away into an untold dimension, leaving behind Earth to possibly continue without humans. Is this even practical? What about all of the animals we have captured and bred in captivity? They will eventually escape and a new type of “natural selection” that has been influenced by our previous actions will ensue.

We exist in a world of synthetics, in our creation of an reality that is ideal for instantaneous satisfaction, we have neglected sustainability. These chemicals will be everlasting, possibly detected by future scientists as they do not decompose over time. Being man made, these substances lack crucial enzymes that would normally, in nature, aid in deterioration.

Wondering what will sustain after we humans depart this existence leaves one in awe of possibilities. How will future beings decipher the remains and what will be determined regarding our nature? Will our legacy be concluded to be one of utter destruction, or successful realizations of applicable resources?

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