West Fawns Over Brutal Dictator After Death of Saudi Arabian King

Justin King
January 26, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah died last week and western leaders spoke of him in endearing terms. Western news outlets attempted to cast him as almost saintly. This is nowhere near the reality of the King’s rule.

Saudi Arabia has become the centerpiece of the West’s presence in the Middle East. The West overlooked massive human rights abuses in the nation, as long as the Saudi government remained friendly with western elites.

As is customary when a world leader dies, the media listed the accomplishments of the leader. The Anti-Media has prepared a list accomplishments that the western leaders choose not to mention.

King Abdullah took the throne in August of 2005. During his reign, it is estimated that over 1000 people were executed by beheading, stoning, or firing squad. Sometimes the bodies of the deceased are crucified for a set number of days. Estimates of the number of executions are necessary because the government reports are complete fabrications. Along with the normal reasons for execution, people in Saudi Arabia can be executed for a number of other offenses including adultery, apostasy, blasphemy, fornication, sodomy, drug smuggling, homosexuality, lesbianism, idolatry, sexual misconduct, sorcery, and witchcraft. Needless to say, parties in the Kingdom are really boring.

As quirky as some of those offenses are, the wide definition of the charges above makes them outright insane. As an example, if a woman is unable to identify her rapist she has committed adultery. Smuggling a Bible into the country is a capital offense.

These aren’t just old laws that are left on the books, either. In 2009, the Saudi religious police established a special “Anti-Witchcraft Unit.” In 2012, there were 215 witchcraft arrests.

Amnesty International has released over 450 reports detailing abuses that took place during the King’s rule.

In 2011, King Abdullah issued a decree that punished the publication of materials that

“contravene Sharia law, impinge on state interests, promote foreign interests, harm public order or national security, or enable criminal activity.”

The decree ended what little free press the country enjoyed. Journalists are routinely imprisoned, executed, or flogged.

Women in the nation are under a system of male guardianship, in which they are little more than property. Perhaps the best example of this system is the fact that four of the King’s own daughters have been held in captivity for 14 years because they dared to speak out against the system. The real reason for the extreme punishment might stem from the fact that the princesses’ mother fled to London to flee the King’s vengeance. In the wake of the King’s death, there is renewed hope that the women might be freed and allowed to join their mother.

Western leaders paying tribute to this man undermine any attempt at achieving universal human rights.

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