US Drone Strike in Yemen Kills Citizens of Australia and New Zealand

Cassius Methyl | The Anti Media

In a huge new development on the topic of drone strikes killing people with no trial, two men –one citizen from New Zealand and one Australian– have recently been slaughtered by a US drone strike in Yemen. Thumbnail credit:

it is unclear who else was killed, what the whole story is, why they were even being pursued or what these victims were doing.

The US military, of course, has killed countless innocent men, women, and children with drone strikes, operated by pilots who often have no idea they are killing innocent people.

One of the most distinct aspects of this situation, is that the incident actually occurred in November of 2013. It was only recently confirmed, or rather revealed, by the government of New Zealand, that this incident took place.

Does this coincide with the recent court ruling, letting the US government off the hook for the murder of 16 yr old American citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki via drone strike?

Did western powers have a hand in the delayed release of this information?

Well, the prime minister of New Zealand didn’t care that a citizen of his country was killed with a US drone strike.

In fact, he took it as an opportunity to promote the idea of mass surveillance, basically saying if there were a complete enough surveillance grid in New Zealand, things like this wouldn’t happen.

The Australian who was murdered without a trial has been identified as Christopher Harvard of Townsville.

Who are Christopher Harvard and the deceased New Zealander?

How are we supposed to know if these men deserved to die if they were executed with no trial?

Maybe in the coming weeks, people who knew these men will come forth with info to illustrate what really happened here.

Please share this article with as many people as possible, especially if they don’t know of the horrors the people of Yemen face at the hands of the bloodthirsty figures of power in the American empire.

Please share this with anyone who doesn’t know that 92% of all people in Yemen have post traumatic stress disorder, anyone who doesn’t know that these people live with the constant fear of being blown into bloody pieces by American drones every day. One day it very well could be your house under a drone.

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