US-Backed Saudi Coalition Blew Up 45 Civilians in Yemen Yesterday, Media Silent

Don Shay
July 7, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) On the morning of July 6th—just north of Yemen’s seaport in Aden— a massive airstrike hit a marketplace, killing 45 civilians and wounding another 50.

Abu-Ali al-Azibi, a witness of the incident, told the associated press, “I came right after the explosion and saw dozens of dead strewn about and a sea of blood, while the wounded were being evacuated to nearby hospitals.” He continued, “(There was) blood from people mixed with that of the sheep and other livestock at the market.”

This bombing is attributed to the Saudi-led coalition that is currently engaged in aerial bombardment in the region. It is very rarely mentioned in the mainstream media that the U.S. is providing support to Saudi Arabia in their terror campaign against Yemen, which is meant to target the Houthi Rebels. This war is in its fifth month and has caused the deaths of countless Yemeni civilians.

While CNN and Fox scare viewers with the potential threat of ISIS striking US territory, it fails to mention the fact that their own government is complicit in assisting one of the most heinous and wealthiest middle eastern countries bomb the poorest country in the region. The U.S. claiming that it fights terror is preposterous because, in actuality, its actions help assure that groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda will become more prominent. U.S./Israeli aggression only increases the credibility of radical factions throughout the region in the eyes of the dilapidated youth.

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