Trump Threatens Military Action Against Iran Over Saudi Oil Attack

(ANTIWAR.COM) — While US officials continue to blame Iran for weekend drone attacks on Saudi Arabia, President Trump is getting back into that all-too-common mindset where he’s threatening a huge war, and also trying to assure people that he isn’t seeking war.

Trump told reporters on Monday that as far as a conflict “we’ll let you know,” and that the US “have a lot of options” for what to do, while emphasizing that the US has by far the largest and most expensive military in the world, and is ready for anything.

Trump also felt the need to emphasize, as always, that he “does not want war, but...” while continuing to talk up how easy it would be for him to launch a huge war over this allegation against Iran. Moreover, Trump said that he is “better prepared than anyone in history” to launch this war.

That makes sense, because Pentagon officials have been emphasizing the preparations they are taking for a possible war, and realistically the US has been preparing for a war with Iran for decades. These preparations have stepped up in recent months as US officials have talked up the possibility of needing a military option.

Iran has denied having anything to do with the attack on Saudi Arabia, which was claimed by Yemen’s Houthi movement. The US and Saudis are already at war with the Houthis, and that’s not super popular as it is, so there is little to be gained there. Unsurprisingly, officials are using Iran as the go-to scapegoat, because there is never a shortage of interest in new reasons to talk about an Iran war.

And for all of his talk of not seeking such a war, this is just the latest of several times President Trump has threatened Iran just this summer. It is also perhaps the closest the US has come to starting a war with Iran since Trump ordered airstrikes against them and called them back mere minutes before the warplanes arrived.

Tensions keep rising, and threats keep coming. At this point, the likelihood of Iran’s innocence is really little more than trivia, and the war is just a decision for the US to make.

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