Trump Finally Admits He’s Responsible: “You Have to Take the Children Away”

(CD) — After weeks of evasions and outright lies aimed at avoiding responsibility for the torture he has inflicted upon immigrant families, President Donald Trump finally admitted in an off-the-rails speech on Tuesday that the thousands of family separations that have taken place on his watch are a direct consequence of his administration’s decision to prosecute parents who cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.

“When you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally—which should happen—you have to take the children away,” Trump said before the National Federation of Independent Business. “Now you don’t have to prosecute them, but then you’re not prosecuting them for coming in illegally. That’s not good.”


As Brianna Rennix of Current Affairs has noted, family separations are hardly an unintended result of the Trump administration’s so-called “zero-tolerance” policy, as the president suggested when he claimed in his speech that he doesn’t “want children taken away from parents.”

“The Trump administration’s decision to prosecute parents for illegal entry was taken in order to create an excuse to separate mothers from children” so they could keep the mothers detained, Rennix observed on Sunday in a detailed analysis of the White House’s immigration policies.

In addition to conceding that his administration’s policy shift is responsible for the thousands of family separations that have taken place over the past six weeks alone, Trump also threatened to cut off “funding” for Central American nations that “send” migrants to the United States and slammed the press for daring to publish photos and videos of children detained in cages.

“They are helping these smugglers and these traffickers like nobody would believe,” Trump said of the media, which has circulated photos released by his own government.


As a finale to his defense of cruelly separating children from their parents, Trump danced to one side of the stage and literally hugged an American flag:

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  • Hercules Brownstone

    The fact that the author PRETENDS to care SO much for the children of criminals, invading our country, yet he, like every other puppet mouthpiece, media whore, has never ONCE spoken of concern for the American children separated from THEIR American parents when/if THEY commit a crime, demonstrated that these wretches have no concern whatsoever FOR CHILDREN! They simply want criminal foreigners to have MORE PRIVILEGES AND RIGHTS than those of us who follow the law. Capitulating to the demands of petty bullying is never the answer!

  • Facebook Profile photo

    I’m not a Trump fan or supporter, but in this case Trump is right. You do not ever reward illegal activity, including the children of the criminals. Just because of their age, that doesn’t excuse them of the actions by their parents that placed them in such dire conditions. It is because of their age that they bear some of the consequences of their parents. They, neither parents or child is subject to the full proctections of Constitutional Law. Simply because they are not US citizens, as well as breaking the law.

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