Trump Expands War for Syrian Oil, Raising Serious Legal Questions

(ANTIWAR.COM) — Following new meetings with defense leaders last week, President Trump has signaled intentions to expand his new war in Syria, which is a war entirely built around military control of oil fields in Eastern Syria from which he intends to extract oil.

All of this is raising ever-growing legal questions, both about what the legal ramifications of an overt war for oil would be, and about what the military is actually supposed to do in this environment, and against whom.

President Trump has so far side-stepped questions about the legality of taking other countries’ oil by arguing that it’s a lot of money the US could make every month in doing so. As far as military orders, those still haven’t been issued, and moreover officials concede a lot of details are “yet to be worked out.”

Despite lack of clarity on what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and who it’s against, the US troops in Syria are doing something, and Kurdish YPG forces were also reported to have gotten involved, sending some troops of their own to help guard the oil fields.

The Kurds are reportedly helping the US guard the oil from ISIS, and while that’s a pretty straightforward mission for the Kurds, it’s a lot more complicated for the US, with a lot of the people the US is keeping away from the oil having nothing to do with ISIS.

Unspoken is that the US mission is to keep Syria’s oil away from Syria, and experts are being very clear that that notion is very illegal under international law. So far that doesn’t seem to be phasing officials, but anyone participating outside of US command is going to be trying to style this as about ISIS.

Syrian Forces Arrive at Oil Field Claimed by President Trump

(ANTIWAR.COM— The Syrian Arab Army has been dispatched around the northeast Syrian province of Hasakeh, aiming to shore up defenses in villages around the area to try to prevent invading Turkey from pushing deeper into Syria beyond the already-claimed safe zone.

While this is unsurprising given Syria’s priorities in security this area, it potentially complicates America’s new war for Syria’s oil, with Syrian troops now in Mulla Abbas, putting them near one of the oil fields claimed by President Trump as an American-held field.

On Tuesday, this was uneventful, with US and Kurdish YPG forces at the site not opening fire on the Syrian military. At the same time, no one from any side is trying to extract oil yet, so as yet any contesting is purely theoretical.

While Syrian forces are reveling in the process of recovering territory that has been under Kurdish YPG control throughout much of the war, with an eye toward helping the Kurds defend the area from Turkey, that process is going to put more and more Syrian forces in the area around the oilfields.

That Syria wants a presence in the area is unsurprising, as it is both where the Turkish threat is, and along the border area with Iraq. At the same time, President Trump has claimed the fields, and has designs on taking the oil from them, which means any Syrian presence is going to potentially be seen as a threat to US ambitions.

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