What Trump Winning the Election Means for America's Ties With Russia

(ANTIMEDIA) Despite the endless list of all the reasons why ushering in Emperor Trump spells the end of the world as we know it, it appears there may be some positive light at the end of a dark, hollow tunnel.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected president, there would have been grave implications for global stability as her increasingly anti-Russian and anti-Syrian rhetoric would have led to a full on global conflict with Russia and Syria. This would have resulted in countless civilian deaths.

Donald Trump’s domestic and foreign policy may constantly contradict itself, but one issue on which he has stayed relatively consistent is his admiration and respect for Russian President Vladimir Putin. This matches up with his promise to seek warmer ties with Russia upon his election.

Supposedly, to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, this notion is absurd. While the rest of us may lack a wholehearted admiration for Vladimir Putin, we can mostly agree on one thing: there is no winner in a nuclear war between Russia and the United States.

As Reuters reported, Trump’s election win could “hand Moscow an elusive prize” — the lifting or easing of Western sanctions. This, in turn, could lead to Putin securing a fourth presidential term in 2018 by demonstrating to his people that he is able to revive their economy, as noted by Reuters.

Putin has already jumped at the historic opportunity, immediately congratulating Trump on his success and calling for a full restoration of ties with the U.S. The implication of a full restoration is that it will naturally involve the lifting of economic sanctions. If it doesn’t, a full restoration will not take place.

Currently, the United States has appeared to be at complete odds with Russia over its policy in Syria. Warming ties between the two countries could also lead to a quicker end to the war in Syria.

Bear in mind, however, that by May of this year, Trump had already met with foreign policy maniac Henry Kissinger, a stalwart Cold Warrior.

We won’t hold our breath.

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