Time Alone is Crucial to your Existence

Lavonne Mireles | The Anti-Media

From the moment you become conscious that you are no longer asleep your brain is in ultra contemplative machine mode, back to the grind that is sure to be your long day. Our typical lives all share a common thread of being productive in some activity that ensures our sustainability and existence, usually this activity occupies the body as well as the mind. Image credit: Moyan_Brenn

How often a day do you exist within the quietness of your mind? How likely is it that you make time to sit and do absolutely nothing at all? What if your desire to exist, the thing you do all day (whatever it is) is totally a misuse of your time and energy? What if you could do less physically and still manage to improve your overall wellness?

Dr. Joseph Murphy, author of “The Power of your Sub-Conscious Mind” says that “Infinite riches are all around you if you will open your mental eyes and behold the treasure house of infinity within you. There is a gold mine within you from which you can extract everything you need to live life gloriously, joyously, and abundantly. Many are sound asleep because they do not know about this gold mine of infinite intelligence and boundless love within themselves. Whatever you want, you can draw forth.” He speaks about an idea that is not foreign to the populace, but this one is usually associated and adapted by various religions.

Another thing that we all share is anatomy, your brain and nervous system essentially govern your entire body, the first aspects of you that was created in the womb, this system is in constant operation, managing all tasks from the very beginning. These well known parts of you, transcribe the real you, your ideas, feelings and thoughts to the material world, the one that is tangible. We forget and maybe we were never aware to the fact that we are essentially compressed matter. Carl Sagan said that all we are is star dust, agreeable, but what is the rest?

Great minds of previous times are quotable and offer credit to someone as I whom may share similar and organic contemplation’s and sometimes revelations within my own mind, but because I have not thought of it first It does not warrant the same recognition. Over time, spending moments in solitude, one begins to recognize undeniable truths that exist beyond words. Taking time to maintenance and preform a daily defragment to the mental computer has resulted in clarity galore. Many begin to understand truths to common questions that we all ponder as a species.

Encouragements to you spiritual traveler, find the answers within your minds library, get lost in the pages of the universe. Obtainable are the things you seek beyond the words that we keep, definition is required by those who don’t understand what things are to transpire without them.

Today’s Mantra: Faith is a waking dream.

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