Those Who Serve Are Not Protected

Justin King
January 14, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) He has one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Before going on duty, he straightens his uniform, checks the lights on top of his car, and prepares for a long night of driving around the city and into some of the worst neighborhoods it has to offer. Every stop could be his last. Just wearing the uniform in some parts of the city makes him the target of armed robbers and gang members. He could get dragged out of his car and beat or shot while sitting at a traffic light. He’s there to serve you, the ungrateful public. In spite of the danger, if you call, he’s on his way… He’ll probably be there in 30 minutes of less.

No, you haven’t stumbled on to some pro-police state propaganda. He’s your favorite pizza delivery guy, and his job is more dangerous than being a police officer according the Bureau of Labor Statistics (being a cop isn’t even in the top ten). He gets paid less than the cop you thought we were talking about. He goes into the same neighborhoods as the cops, but most companies don’t allow him to be armed. Unlike the enhanced penalties for assaulting an officer, an attacker will probably face minimal charges. The driver doesn’t have anyone to call for back up. He doesn’t have a Kevlar vest. He doesn’t have a camera in his car to help identify his attacker. He has none of the protections a cop has, and his job is more dangerous.

If he kills someone because he was driving like an idiot, he goes to prison. If he defends himself with a firearm, he gets fired. If he kills a bystander when defending himself, he’ll go to prison. I can’t link an article for this because apparently Pizza delivery guys are better marksmen than cops, and I couldn’t find an example of this happening. Incidentally, I couldn’t find an example of a delivery driver killing someone that was unarmed either.

Why don’t Pizza delivery drivers get the same immunities cops have? After all, they’re just doing their jobs.

The answer is simple: propaganda. The American public is saturated by a constant barrage of propaganda that paints cops as America’s best and brightest, even though some departments intentionally hire or promote dumb cops. The propaganda serves to push the idea that American law enforcement is constantly a target, and because of past actions they are quickly becoming just that. Currently, they aren’t constant targets, not to the degree they will be if some form of accountability isn’t introduced.

The common defense is “all cops aren’t bad.” This might be true to some degree, however if a person watches injustice and says nothing because of a code of silence, they are a bad person. If a department terminates whistleblowers who report the crimes of other officers, the department is too corrupt to save and needs to be completely disbanded and the community needs to start over from scratch. With the direct targeting of law enforcement officers becoming something that actually happens outside of the movies, it is time for serious reform. The country is on the precipice of a truly violent upheaval. The American people have decided they will not take police brutality anymore. It’s time for serious reform, or we can expect to see more and more cops ambushed.

When someone who is “just doing their job” can rape and kill with total immunity, something is terribly wrong. The American people wouldn’t accept that a pizza delivery driver killed a kid speeding because he was just doing his job. Why should they accept that excuse from those who are paid to protect and serve?

On a side note, all that was said about the people that bring you your pizza is true. Tip well.

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