COVID-19 Panic Hits US as Global Markets Implode, Oil Crashes

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  • George Nemecek

    Epilogue/Alternate ending to the Lock Step scenario:
    {The Block Chain Traitors List option}
    But the rulers underestimated the people of the world and their use of the internet. The information that all this was a planned plague for world-wide totalitarian lockdown was distributed before they could get ahead of the narrative through censorship. In anger, instead of accepting vaccines and digital tattoos the people fought back as never before. They had enough of this nonsense. Some, from the international hackers group “Anonymous” started a block-chain-traitors-list (BCTL) that was inerasable as it was stored on virtually every computer. Prominent on the list were Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates as well as people like CIA agent and actor John Krasinski. The list grew and the deep state bad actors were all eventually doxed. Facebook and Google tried in vain to stop word of the list’s existence. Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin went into hiding. As the list inspired growing resentment self-appointed ad hoc assassin groups emerged. The security teams of the Cheneys and Rumsfelds of the world could not compete with hundreds of unemployed angry people who now knew where they lived and hopelessly outnumbered and out powered them. A time similar to the events reminiscent of the French Revolution enveloped the world and the bodies of the psychopaths laid unburied in the streets until the buzzards picked the bones clean.