The Key to Your Happiness May Be In Your Very Lap!!

Lavonne Mireles-Clardy | The Anti-Media


You know that thing most people choose to never talk about, why in our society is this considered a stigma? I often ponder why love in general has made people phobic. John Lennon’s words echo within my subconscious mind, he said “We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight.” Seems the consensus is the same, we have become uncomfortable or hyper-emotional when complemented; we are not used to sharing love in an open source fashion. If kind vocalizations of appreciation unravel the comforts of others, imagine what the idea of becoming a powerfully fierce openly sexual creature produces when processed mentally.



Most live their entire lives searching for “something”, what if that “thing” is literally in their lap, via actual practice of self-love? I believe that the many conflicts that others face within the failures of their individual relationships arise from the lack of encouragement to masturbate.
We can all agree that the body is controlled by the brain, but we disagree about how emotions play a role in our sexuality and life experience in general. As a species we tend to ignore that which we do not understand, sometimes it is easier to operate in said state. It is common in our conventional society to not openly discuss the importance of masturbation. Women and Men experience sexual pleasures in similar, but very different manners, especially in regards to emotions.


A lady, for example when reaching climax has a chemical reaction within her mind that is similar to the “fight or flight response” and in order to fully experience her orgasm she has to completely and literally let down her inborn guard. Doing so is a complex happening as a lady, you have to be emotionally trusting in your partner and be open to being vulnerable to have a full sexual cycle. I suggest that stronger more functional and open relationships will emerge from those who have this comfort and idea of realistic functions of their particular body. I am not saying that you are doing it wrong if you do not touch yourself; I am encouraging you to be open to receiving pleasure from yourself so that you better understand how you will merge with another.

I have a hypothesis as to why we are unsuccessful as a whole unit in finding an ideal partner, divorce rates in the United States clearly show that maintaining a connection and long lasting relationship is highly complex. But why is it a common occurrence within our lives to so easily break an unbreakable vow with no regard for what it is “supposed” to symbolize. It’s a union of two, not a union of halves.

We have become hypocrites, not because we get divorced but because we have allowed others to direct the manner in which we operate as a creature. We have lost the innate connections that we are intended, we bundle our desires within this unrealistic notion about what is “supposed” to be within our minds, obliviously seeking that which is essentially unknown, because you have not tried, while deciphering that which is required within another.
You are born a whole person, you are complete. All others should be decorations to your existence, not giving or taking anything, but influencing the essential you, the real you to be its best and shine intensely.
A notable observation is the manner in which frequencies or sounds prove to be a powerful method of manipulation of experience. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work researching the drastic and observable effects of sound and intentions on water molecules when viewed via microscopic perspective offer insight to “the unseen”, the things words do not explain, measures of the heart and objectives displayed.


So what were your implied beliefs about your sexuality? What were you told to believe about your sexual desires, expression, and exploration? I want you to be aware of what you are creating within yourself; do you have stagnancy in your life force that may be interrupting your ability to enjoy pleasure? Dr. Mercola often recommends the Emotional Freedom Technique that helps remove personal blocks. Perhaps it could help you identify what lies deep within your subconscious and release them or understand.
We are born with innate curiosity and inclination to explore the most primal and sacred aspect of ourselves.


Babies in utero are often seen gripping for dear life this pleasure center at the core of their being, and the desire for pleasure continues after arriving in this sphere. Is that not the sole purpose of our existence, to determine what we enjoy and to explore it to its fullest? There seems to be a lot of confusion in general about this necessary function of our bodies, to the extent of how sexual pleasure is experienced and felt and more curiously, controlled via intention.

Most of us desire to share our lives with a companion of sorts, usually the required hormones to start provoking the idea sometime near our transition between adolescence and teenage years. Sound somewhat familiar? What if at this moment in your life, this crucial time of change and intense unknown desires, you knew that you could look inside you for the pleasure you are seeking? You are comfortable with the idea of exploring your body and figuring out what it enjoys and you are seeking to understand your preferred sexual stimuli.How do you know what to expect from a future lover if you have no intended desires? I have a lot of people question my opinion in regards to sex, people feel open about this subject with me; more alarming is the overwhelming shame I find that others uncomfortably carry around, sometime within their developing character, someone imposed their beliefs, their discomfort about sex upon them.

One should seek to share the notion of acceptance of pleasure that is operated alone. We should perpetuate the concept that sexual pleasure is not a sin, but a gift of exploration and personal gratitude and love. Being open to the idea of receiving pleasure has become an uncommon trait within our society; this is a saddening truth that needs to change. We should embrace the divine sexual beast waiting to emerge; it is there, in all of us.



When you find your inner beast, you will understand how it operates and be better inclined to share its functions with your chosen lover.

Look forward to more spicy talk.


Today’s Mantra: I love my body so that I know who to trust it’s care to.

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