Support Building for 2014 Million Mask March on November 5th

Justin King | The Anti-Media

On November 5, 2013 the streets of major cities around the world were flooded by masked protesters affiliated with the Anonymous collective. Anonymous is preparing to hold another coordinated mass protest one year later, and are finding support from new places.

44 Fires, the British heavy metal band, not only allowed their music to be used in a video promoting the March, but even plans to perform at one of the Marches in the UK. The anti-establishment band shares a similar vision with the collective, and they certainly see some of the same culprits as causing the problems. The musicians hope to “delete the elite” and describe their music as a “juggernaut coming to destroy the political elite.”

3519720858_0ac7fdf79d_oBruse Small of 44 Fires spoke with Anti-Media about the video:

Anti-Media: So a video featuring one of your songs has been adopted by Anonymous to promote the Million Mask March. How do you feel about that?

We feel very honoured they are using one of our songs seeing as we hold the same ideals, hopefully that resonates in the song.

Do you plan on attending one of this year’s events associated with the Million Mask March?

We certainly will. Brian [a fellow band member] already has a few times. Hopefully, we could play one.

The message in your music has a definite political motive. Can you sum that message up for the readers?

We plan to be the musical voice to the lost generations. To show we all have the same loathing of these greedy, self serving pretend leaders.

Is there a meaning behind the band name?

The band name comes from seeing a news report on Sky regarding forest fires in America. It was over an area of either 44 states or 44 miles but the idea was our music would spread like fire across either 44 states or the globe.

Where can readers order your music or see you perform?

We are on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Reverbnation, Soundcloud and many more.

Is there anything in particular you would want to say to the readers?

Keep your minds, eyes, and ears open. The world is changing and only you can change it for the better.

John Fairhurst, a US-based organizer of the Million Mask March, also took the time to speak with Anti-Media about the upcoming march. Fairhurst spoke with his usual intensity,

“We will come once again to locations around the world on the 5th of November. I can only speak for myself when I say I do not plan on marching forever. After this November, I will be taking necessary actions to implement the change this world needs. I know I am not alone either. People have been protesting and demonstrating in the streets for years. It has accomplished a lot; it has affected change. Worldwide, things have escalated quickly. It’s now or never, people are dying in the streets. We aren’t advocating violence by any means; however, I personally will defend myself… As well as the well being of others.”

Fairhurst asked people to show up, organize a local event if they couldn’t make it to DC, and continually talk to people about the March and the issues facing the world. Fairhurst quoted CT Fletcher, and expressed the sentiment that drives many activists to lead a life less ordinary:

“Don’t be an average mother f—er your whole life.”

Disclosure notice: Unknown to 44 Fires and the author at the time of agreeing to the interview, some of the images used in the video were captured by the author at the 2013 Million Mask March in Washington, DC and released into the public domain.

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