Stalker Cop Commits Woman to Mental Institution After She Rejects Him

Carey Wedler
January 13, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) MIAMI-DADE, FL – This week, a Florida woman filed a complaint against a police officer in Miami-Dade County alleging he stalked her and had her committed to a mental institution.

Kirenia Cardidad Figuera first met Officer Joshua Zacharias when he was responding to a domestic dispute at her mother’s apartment. She and her sister had been living at the mother’s home rent-free, but Zacharias allegedly told Figuera that it qualified as a landlord-tenant dispute. Figuera claims he offered to help her move into a new apartment the following day and she accepted.

This is where things took a disconcerting turn, according to the young woman. She says that Zacharias was present when she invited over her recent-ex-boyfriend of six years. According to her, “Zacharias began yelling uncontrollably at him,” and then pulled a gun, chasing him from the premises.

He then went out to his police cruiser, grabbed his belongings, and told Figuera he intended to stay the night. She says that at this point, she made it clear she was not interested in a romantic relationship with him.

This led him to grow even more obsessed, calling her multiple times a day. When she ignored him, he allegedly called her sister.

Courthouse News reports that

“At one point, Defendant Zacharias sent a Facebook message to Plaintiff’s sister referring to her (Plaintiff’s sister) as his sister in law, discussing how heartbroken he felt over Plaintiff’s refusal to engage in a romantic relationship… Plaintiff asserts that Defendant Zacharias’s verbiage, referring to Plaintiff as his ex-wife after only knowing her for a few days, exemplifies the obsessive infatuation Defendant Zacharias had with Plaintiff.”

Figuera says the climax of the ordeal came on December 13, 2011. She reportedly stopped at a gas station near her apartment to use the ATM and Zacharias showed up in his cruiser shortly after. A verbal altercation began and he told her that he would “be a better man.” He clearly missed the fact that being a stalker damages the credibility of such a claim.

When she still rejected him, he arrested her for “being irrational,” wrote her tickets for minor violations, and had her transferred to a local mental hospital. He allegedly told her,

“That’s what you get, bitch.”

She was released only several hours later when the Citris Mental Institute found there was no basis for her admittance.

Figuera saw him next in traffic court, where she was found guilty of several violations. She claims they were all fabricated by Zacharias.

This is not the first instance of police officers stalking and harassing women. One officer in Ohio was found guilty of raping multiple women while on duty, as well as stalking another. A Texas cop was caught bribing women to satisfy strange fetishes at traffic stops  in exchange for the freedom to go. Countless other officers have been charged with rape while in uniform. Admitting someone to a mental hospital out of revenge for rejection, however, appears to be a first.

Regardless, these instances are merely symptoms of a system that allows police officers and government agencies to avoid accountability while wielding the power of violence with few checks and balances. It is the same system that enables them to get away with extortion, racism, and murder.

Figuera is seeking unspecified damages for “negligence, negligent retention, malicious false arrest and imprisonment, and civil rights violations.”

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