US Senate Seeks to Thwart Saudi Nuclear Ambitions

(MEMO) — The US Senate has proposed a resolution that would ban any deal to exchange US nuclear technology with Saudi Arabia that could assist the Kingdom in making a nuclear weapon.

“Under the measure, any US civilian nuclear cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia would prevent enrichment of uranium or reprocessing of plutonium made in reactors – two routes to making nuclear weapons,” Reuters reported yesterday.

It is not clear if a majority of the US Senate will support the resolution prepared by Democrats Jeff Merkley and Ed Markey and Republican Rand Paul; which is not binding on the US government.

However, if the proposal gets strong support it would signal the US Senate’s concern about the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen and the brutal murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggiin the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey last year.

US Energy Secretary, Rick Perry is currently holding talks with Saudi officials on taking advantage of US nuclear technology.

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