Saved by Man's Best Friend — Killed by Man's Worst Enemy

Op-Ed by Dan Sanchez
February 9, 2016

(ANTIMEDIA) According to conventional wisdom, the very existence of a Rottweiler dog is a standing threat to be summarily neutralized, while police officers are valiant guardians worthy of automatic deference. This is just one more truism that our public-schooled, mass-media-addled society gets exactly backward. After all, dogs are specifically bred to serve and protect mankind, which is why they are rightly known as “man’s best friend.” And the impunity that comes with an officer’s badge does nothing but breed contempt for the rights of man. Such special impunity is what makes the State humanity’s worst enemy. This was made especially clear by the recent fate of one troubled trans woman.

Danielle Jacobs of Arizona suffered from severe Asperger’s syndrome. Recently, she video-recorded herself suffering a meltdown in the presence of her Rottweiler. The dog persistently comforts her, interposing his head to prevent her from striking herself, until she collapses into a weeping embrace of the animal.

The video went viral, touching the hearts of millions, and making her Internet-famous.

However soothing this therapy was, of course it did not cure her. She continued to struggle with the syndrome, which, in her words, induced her to “self-harm.” This prompted a neighbor to call 911 and report her as suicidal. As so often, this was a fatal mistake.

Jacobs was no danger to anyone but herself. That would only change upon somebody intruding in her personal space. That is exactly what cops do. Unlike true servants, they have no interest in de-escalating situations. They are not servants, but would-be masters. They want to assert the State’s dominance over everything under its jurisdiction, including ourselves. The message to be imparted is that we use even our very bodies only by leave of the State, which holds ultimate disposal.

And so the cops, like rabid beasts, imposed full-spectrum dominance, predictably eliciting a desperate response from Jacobs, and predictably making one of the cowardly cops “fear for his life.” And so Danielle’s life was ended at the State’s discretion.

lassieThat is how Internet fairy tales end when you call the cops. If the Rottweiler had been home, it would have surely been similarly dispatched.

Be warned. The State is not your daddy. Its heralds are not your protectors. If you have a death wish for your loved one, by all means “SWAT” them. But if you truly seek their welfare, call a collie (or even a crackhead) before you ever call a cop.

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