Saudi Government Carries Out 70th Beheading This Year

John Vibes
November 21, 2104

(TheAntiMedia) This week, a man named Ali Agridas was publicly beheaded in Saudi Arabia for buying drugs. Beheadings are a fairly common practice in Saudi Arabia, in fact, this weeks beheading brings the number of government sanctioned executions to 70 for the year so far.

Agridas was reportedly a Turkish visitor who was in Saudi Arabia for an extended trip.

The country currently has one of the highest rates of execution on the world, and beheading is their method of choice.

Meanwhile, the United States government is preparing to start wars because the group known as ISIS has beheaded a number of people on video. As with many of the acts of violence that take place in the middle east, the Saudi Arabian government is given a pass commit atrocities, while neighboring territories can be invaded under the pretenses of a humanitarian mission.

Despite the incredible amount of power that the political system holds in Saudi Arabia, the royal family’s hold on power is beginning to slip, as the Saudi king is getting old and his health is beginning to deteriorate.

However, it is unlikely that anything will change in his death, because his successors will presumably continue to maintain the same goals and connections.

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