Salinas, CA Police Shoot and Kill Man For Unspecified Reason, 4th Fatal Cop Shooting Since March



Cassius Methyl | The Anti Media

The police in Salinas, California, have done it again: they shot and killed an unarmed 40 yr old man for an unspecified reason, and they refuse to take responsibility for committing murder. Thumbnail credit:

Protests erupted over the last 3 murders of innocent people committed by police in Salinas this year.

What will happen now that this deadly cycle clearly continuing?

In the same vein of the Albuquerque murderer police, these Cali cops need to understand the true meaning of public outrage.

Yesterday morning at 5 am the victim, Frank Alvarado, was shot dead by Salinas police.

The police¬†declined to offer specifics about what occurred prior to Alvarado’s death beyond that the shooting took place after police responded to a call from a citizen in East Salinas.

It is not your right to murder people and offer no explanation as to why. If police think they can get away with this, they must have some dangerous cognitive dissonance.

The chief of the Salinas police claims

“These shootings are incredibly complicated investigations.”

Yes, mostly complicated because your attempts to defend fellow cops from being charged with killing an innocent human being involves over-complicating the situation.

A summary of the long history of the Salinas police’s