“Release the Mueller Report”: 300+ Rallies Nationwide to Demand Full Transparency

(CD— Campaigners have organized rallies nationwide for Thursday in order to give voice to the widespread public demand the report submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice by Special Counsel Robert Mueller be disclosed to members of Congress and the public—with as little redaction as possible—without further delay.

Spearheaded by a coalition of progressive groups— including MoveOn, Public Citizen, People For the American Way, and Indivisible— more than 300 rapid-response events across the country have been scheduled to make it clear that people want the report made available to lawmakers in the public. Most protests will start at 5 pm local time. Find one near you here.

In addition to the dispersed rallies nationwide, people in Washington, D.C. will demonstrate outside the White House on Thursday afternoon to demand Attorney General William Barr releases the full report to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and as much information as possible to the public.

“Majorities of Americans believe the full Mueller report should be made public,” declared Public Citizen in a statement, referencing polls showing “overwhelming” support for the report’s disclosure. “Protesters will demand full transparency so that Congress can conduct responsible oversight of the executive branch.”

Angel Padilla, Indivisible’s national policy director, argued that both Barr and the Trump administration “have drawn unverifiable conclusions from a report no one else has been allowed to see while ignoring the overwhelming majority of Americans who want it to be made public.”

On Thursday evening, Padilla added, “the people will make it clear that they want the report and they want it now. We hope Barr listens.”

While the DOJ on Thursday said it needs more time to fully redact the Mueller report, Marge Baker, People for the American Way’s vice president, explained last week that what has so far been made public—namely Barr’s four-page summary of the report’s findings—will not suffice.

“A summarizing statement from an attorney general demonstrably hostile to the special counsel investigation—written without consulting Mueller—is not sufficient in any way, especially when the administration’s public messaging about the report exonerating Trump seems to directly contradict the text of Barr’s letter,” said Baker. “The only way to get the truth is for Congress and the public to see the report and its underlying findings.”

By Jon Queally / Creative Commons / Common Dreams

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