Protests Erupt in Response to Police Killing French Activist, 100 Arrested and 9 Injured

Cassius Methyl
November 4, 2014

(The Anti Media) This weekend, protests erupted in France because of the death of a 21 year-old ecology protester named Rémi Fraisse, allegedly killed by police with some sort of stun grenade.

Fraisse was found dead with a wound to his back in the town of Lisle-sur-Tarn on October 26th, while he was engaged in protesting the construction of a dam in the Testet wetlands. His death was preceded by a tense standoff between protestors and police.

On Tuesday, an investigation from the state prosecutor claimed this protestor was killed by a “stun grenade.”  This was the first time a person was killed during protests in France since 1986.

Over 100 protesters were arrested and 9 people were injured this weekend in protests for this fallen activist in Paris, Nantes, Lille, Bordeaux, Avignon, and Toulouse. Protestors ended up allegedly throwing bottles full of corrosive acid at police, and the protests got quite violent.

There was a peaceful protest at the Eiffel Tower and 66 people were arrested in Paris. In other areas such as Nantes and Toulouse, protests became particularly violent. RT reported that “masked and hooded protesters [were] throwing projectiles and tearing down street signs”. The police were also firing rubber bullets and teargas at the protestors.

A governor from the region said “These are groups who have come in search of violent altercations with the police,” seemingly ignoring the events that led up to the civil unrest.

Perhaps this was more of a fed up act of aggression, more emotionally fueled than designed to make positive changes, but naturally the start of a protest movement can be rough and tense, fueled by the emotions caused by oppression.

In any case, the collective desire for prosperity and an end to tyranny of any extent flows through the hearts and minds of people in France, Ferguson, Mexico, and countless other places throughout the world right now.

Looking at the collective mental state of the world and the events that took place in 2013 and 2014, you could say this is an era of action, protests, standing up for rights, and you might say the atmosphere is tense. The French people putting their efforts into holding their police accountable parallels the movement in Ferguson in America, and the recent response to the Iguala Massacre in Mexico.

This seems to be the latest development in a global march towards prosperity and the will to do anything to stand up for our basic human rights, as many people collectively spit in the face of tyranny in whatever form it takes.

Video of the French protests this weekend can be viewed below:

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