Mentally Ill Ohio Woman Dies After Police Slam Her on Concrete

Cassius Methyl
November 19, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) A 37 year old bipolar and schizophrenic woman named Tanesha Anderson died last week, after police slammed her head into concrete, allegedly causing her death.

It all began when her family called the police on her for ‘causing a disturbance’.

Next, RT reported that “a discussion followed in which it was agreed that Anderson would go to hospital for an evaluation”.

However, what happened next is disturbingly parallel to other recent incidents of police abusing the mentally ill, as the police ended up slamming her head into the concrete, killing her.

Tanesha’s siblings accuse the police of murdering her. Her 40 year-old brother Joell Anderson said with tears flowing out his eyes, “They killed my sister, I watched it.

The police’s excuse for murder this time: ‘actively resisting’.

The woman began to kick at officers,”said Sgt. Ali Pillow, in an apparent attempt to make this poor woman sound like some kind of aggressor.

A short time later the woman stopped struggling and appeared to go limp. Officers found a faint pulse on the victim and immediately called EMS.” he continued.

Her brother begged for police to let her out of the backseat of the car after she was placed there, as she was getting nervous and was feeling confined, but they ignored her and she began to freak out.

Tanesha cried for her family’s help as she tried to get out of the car, and those were some of her last words, as an officer slammed her to the pavement and killed her following her surge of anxiety in the backseat of that car.

Some people just do not have the physical vitality to handle police beatings. Sometimes, the victims die, and the blood is on the hands of those who spilled it.

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