‘Most Decorated Officer in Maine’ Accepts Plea For Sexually Assaulting 4 Year-Old

November 13, 2014
Cassius Methyl

(The Anti Media) 74 year-old Andrew Demers, former Maine State police chief and member of the police force for 26 years, was charged with ‘Class B unlawful sexual contact with a person younger than 12’ in March for sexually assaulting his 4 year-old  relative. Now it’s looking like he won’t be facing the same consequences as an average rapist, as he is set to accept a plea deal soon.

Former Maine State Police Chief Andrew Demers Jr.

The abuse allegedly took place at his house in New Gloucester. On the officer’s history, A Daily Mail article noted:

“In 2003, Demers became the most decorated officer in state police history and was named a ‘Legendary Trooper,’ according to a report in the Sun Journal.”

“Yet he came under fire in the 1970s when it was alleged that he turned a blind eye to allegations of abuse against several boys by the founder of the Cole Farms Restaurant in Gray, who was a friend.”

That friend, Warren Cole, was charged with  molesting a boy from 1986 1987, and he was sent to prison in 1992.

In April, the Cumberland County Grand Jury indicted Demers on Class A gross sexual assault and Class B unlawful sexual contact, to which he pleads not guilty.

However, his hearing at the Cumberland County Courthouse was postponed a few weeks ago to reach some sort of ‘agreement’.

Did this person have a history of sexual assault beyond what we can currently see? He no doubt had at least one  friend who was a convicted rapist of children.

It is not because he is 74 years old that he will likely receive little consequence for this, but more likely it is the fact that he was an officer for decades.

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