Obama Granting Clemency Likely for Drug Offenders

The Liberty Beat

By: Brian Hagen Yahoo News is reporting that President Obama is prepared to grant clemency to those who are jailed for non-violent drug crimes. According to the unnamed official, the pardon could affect hundreds, if not thousands, of currently incarcerated inmates. The report follows an announcement in January that the Obama administration is working to take the unprecedented step of encouraging defense lawyers to suggest that low level offenders should be let out of prison early. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Obama has been under pressure to make reforms from advocacy groups and family members of people who are serving mandatory minimum drug sentences. However, despite his administration’s public support for criminal justice reform, Obama has used his power to grant clemency less frequently than nearly all other U.S. Presidents. Earlier this month, the president granted commutation to a Texas man convicted of drug trafficking whose sentence was incorrectly increased by 3.5 years due to a typographical error. The accused, Ceasar Cantu, is the 10th inmate Obama has granted a commutation to.

Article sourced courtesy of: thelibertybeat.com