United States: Shhh… It's not ok to say the P-word!

Sydney Barakat
January 26, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Recap. There has been some controversy over Palestine’s recent move to join the ICC (International Criminal Court) as a member state under the Rome Statute. The initiative was taken by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in hopes of being able to charge Israel with war crimes against the people of – most notably – Gaza and the West Bank.

U.S. speaks: Must listen. Senator Lindsey Graham threatened to cut U.S. humanitarian funds to Palestine over the move, and a representative of the U.S. State Department Jan Psaki, also made several remarks against Palestine joining the International Criminal Court because it is not a “sovereign state.” Well, thank you for at least acknowledging part of the problem, Psaki.

Here’s the deal. Technically, Palestine is not a sovereign state as it does not have the same protection, rights, and government authority as a sovereign state would – they merely have representation through the Palestinian Authority. However, it would still be false to call an occupied land a state at all.

Shhh…That’s a naughty word! . And apparently we cannot even refer to “Palestine” anymore, period. It seems many far-right conservatives see it as a bad word, comparable to dropping the ‘f-bomb’. We shouldn’t say it – because it doesn’t exist, right? It’s ‘Israel’.

Let’s keep this out of the history books, shall we? Well, this goes to further show that a history, culture, race, ethnicity, etc., is being threatened by the need for some Americans and Israelis to completely erase an entire group of people and the land in which they came from. This isn’t the first and probably will not be the last time America and Israel attempt to silence the voices of the Palestinians. We see it, hear it, and read it time and time again.

And there’s such hypocrisy that lies in the attempt to completely eradicate Palestine, on behalf of Americans especially.

We’re confused Here’s where it gets especially confusing: the United States, a predominantly Christian country, that swears by such things as freedom, rights to livelihood and liberty and rights to land and property, refuse to grant these same fundamental, basic human rights to the Palestinians. Why?

Statists gonna state. Because there’s another religion that most Americans live by: an obligation to the state. We pledge allegiance to a flag, and fall as sheep to those ‘higher powers’ that hold office. We’re fine with the killing, torture, humiliation and eradication of Palestinian rights as long as it’s being done in the name of national security – a national security that the U.S. is funding, by the way. So we’re fine with the death of INNOCENT Palestinian children (and men and women), as long as it’s for nationalistic/monetary reasons (we love those things in America – for money, and country!). Not so Christian after all, right?

We’re broke buuut…And another thing, the same right-wing conservatives that preach about how there’s too much welfare spending for the impoverished and needy here, at home, and who are against raising the minimum wage, are totally fine with funding billions of dollars to Israel.

Free Palestine. It all makes very little sense. The more we know, the less we understand. But here’s one thing we can say with confidence: Palestine – to us and those alike who value ALL human beings equally – will never be a bad word, and the Palestinian people will forever be in our minds and hearts until they’re granted the same rights and freedoms as everyone else.

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