New Marco Rubio Campaign Ad Features Canada Instead of US

SM Gibson
February 16, 2016

(ANTIMEDIAIt’s morning again in America, at least according to a new campaign ad recently released by GOP presidential hopeful, Marco Rubio. And what better way to illustrate that it is a new day in the United States than by showing images of the sun rising over a beautiful skyline at dawn. A strong urban silhouette of New York City, Washington D.C., or even Miami — given Rubio’s south Florida connection — would all be strong choices to use to exemplify an America on the rise. The U.S. senator’s social media team chose not to be confined by the box of the cliche, and felt like the cityscape that best illustrated their man’s message was Vancouver. The one in Canada. For good measure, there’s even a Canadian flag waving in the breeze at the beginning of the 61-second clip.

Videographer Guy Chavasse filmed the video from a viewing tower in North Vancouver last August.

“It’s pretty funny, isn’t it?” Chavasse said. “It’s a good-looking video, no doubt, but it’s pretty recognizable as Vancouver.”

The freelance artist posts his work on various stock photo and video sites.

“I don’t actually get to see where my videos get used, I just put them online,” he said.  The Vancouver-based videographer believes that Rubio’s staff probably paid $80 for the footage, but it could be more based on the licensing agreement they selected.

Chavasse was unaware his images were being featured in the short advertisement until recently, but was not opposed to its use. “Well, I had a good laugh … I’m not exactly a big Republican fan or a Rubio supporter.

“It’s always cool to see your stuff being used.”

Watch the video for yourself below and see if you can spot the Canadian flag in the first few seconds.

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