New Clashes Erupt in Libya; Fighting Reported in South Tripoli

(ANTIWAR.COM) — Launched in April, Khalifa Hafter’s bid to take over Libya, and the capital of Tripoli, looks to be breaking out again, with his forces attacking fighters from the UN-backed unity government over the past couple of days.

The Hafter forces opened fire on the unity force fighters in southern Tripoli, and heavy fighting is reported in parts of the city. The unity government’s office is claiming to have retaken parts of the city lost in the early push.

Details are scant, but the unity government is accusing the UAE of having gotten involved, and that they captured and destroyed a UAE-provided armored vehicle from Hafter forces.

The UAE is one of several nations that is seen as backing Hafter’s takeover of Libya, with many believing that the takeover by a military dictator would stabilize the country. This faction is led by Egypt’s military junta, which seems to want to replicate its own coup there.

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