Nebraska Judge Blocks Keystone XL Pipeline Eminent Domain Landgrab

Cassius Methyl
February 13, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) A Nebraska judge appears to be using his power to benefit the people, which is angering oil companies that have spent millions to make the Keystone XL Pipeline a reality.

This judge just issued a temporary injunction banning the corporation TransCanada from forcing landowners to sell their property to them for the construction of the XL Pipeline, a practice known as eminent domain.

The Keystone XL Pipeline has been a highly contentious, politicized topic in Congress and the media. Republicans tout the supposed jobs that will be created by the project as a reason to build it, however the long term effects on the job market are expected to be negligible. Democrats oppose the pipeline citing environmental reasons, however both parties have ignored the corporate land grab that this judge has just blocked. The project remains clouded by corporate lobbying and political favoritism.

The company said they will “suspend all eminent domain proceedings, including those against landowners who are not among those who sued the company.”

The injunction comes on the heels of a lawsuit launched last month against TransCanada, which alleges the company abused Nebraska’s eminent domain laws, and will remain in place until the lawsuit is settled.

Groups against the forced seizure of land for this project considered this a “major win for landowners.”

Hopefully the people standing up for their right to their own land will prevail. I think this issue really strikes a nerve with the American people.

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