Catholic Archbishop compares abortion to Nazi eugenics program

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  • “Catholic Archbishop compares abortion to Nazi eugenics program”

    Uhhh………cuz THAT’S WHAT IT IS…..dingleberry..!!

    Doesn’t ANYONE remember HISTORY..?? Don’t they know WHY Planned Parenthood was created..?? TO KILL BLACKS..!! Yes…….that’s the truth.

    60 MILLIONS MURDERS AND COUNTING..!! That’s what Planned Parenthood was created for. By the way……Bill Gates Sr…..Bill Gates Jr’s (of Microsoft fame) father was one of the creators of this SLAUGHTERHOUSE..!!

    Now…..Bill Gates Jr. is running all over 3rd world countries KILLING BABIES with his Eugenics-Based vaccine-pushing agenda.

    India just kicked his ass out of their country for killing their babies..!!

    LOOK IT UP. Totally true.