Why Our Judges Should Get TWICE As Much Criticism As Politicians

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  • Trump’s Executive Order was COMPLETELY, TOTALLY LEGAL. And, as it turns out, NECESSARY.

    Obama let in over 15 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, and PAID THEM tax payers money to live a LIFESTYLE. Free housing, free food (SNAP cards), and any money they made by taking AMERICAN JOBS they could freely send back to their country of origin………screwing all the U.S. Tax Payers.

    Obama WILL be indicted on many different treasonous laws he broke. Using false documentation while in office of the POTUS being the one that will get him the Death Penalty.

    Scumbag JUDGES that legislate on party lines from the bench need to be removed, prosecuted, and sent to prison for life without parole. YES, it is THAT SERIOUS.

    Judges who decide cases based on political lines, payoffs, and PERSONAL feelings………..instead of THE LAW……will be removed and dealt with in the most harsh manner humanly available.

    “Selective” judgements based on party lines is illegal. I don’t care what THEY BELIEVE IN……….it’s the LAWS ON THE BOOKS that they are obligated to go by.
    They are not to “interpret” them depending on who is a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian…….or none of the above.

    THEY HAVE TO GO BY THE LAW. To do otherwise disqualifies them from their duty as a Judge, and demands their immediate REMOVAL and punishment.