Marco Rubio Charged Thousands in Personal Expenses on GOP Credit Card

SM Gibson
May 15, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Another layer of the Republican party’s favorite presidential candidate of corruption, Marco Rubio, has been peeled away. This latest revelation demonstrates an impetuous spending habit by the Senator from Florida; that is in complete contradiction to the “conservative” rhetoric currently being spewed across the campaign trail.     

Reckless Rubio has been caught charging thousands of dollars for personal expenses on an American Express credit card issued by the Republican Party. Lavish dinners, car repairs, and even a $134 haircut are just a few of the purchases made on a card that is intended to be used for Republican Party-related expenditures only.

As a member of the Florida House of Representatives, Rubio mistakenly used this same GOP-issued line of credit on numerous occasions, including a charge of more than $4,000 to pay for new floors in his Miami-area home and another $10,000 was charged to the card for a Rubio family reunion at Melhana Plantation, an antebellum resort in Georgia.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, former political consultant for Rubio, Chris Ingram said, “We were in a Starbucks in Tampa, and we sat down to get to know one another. I asked him if there was anything that might be a problem in his upcoming campaign. He told me ‘I have this issue with an American Express card where we accidentally charged $4-5,000 for home flooring.'”

Ingram also weighed in on the reunion charges by saying, “A whole bunch of people stayed several nights at a resort and not one of them questioned why they didn’t get a bill shoved under their door at the end of it,’ he said. ‘And once Marco realized what had happened, he had to embarrassingly go to his family members and collect $500 from each? That’s just not believable. The whole notion is absolutely preposterous.”

When Rubio was questioned in 2010 about the $10,000 resort charge, he claimed that his travel agent must have accidentally used the GOP-issued card to pay for the 20 hotel rooms reserved by the then Speaker of the Florida House. The current presidential candidate said at the time that he collected money from relatives and then sent a personal check to cover the charges.

“I paid for the entire personal charge,’Rubio said. “The Republican Party of Florida never paid for any of it.”

It was never explained how the travel agent obtained the specific credit card information linked to the Republican Party account.

Despite this explanation, an additional $6,773 in hotel charges from the exact dates were charged to the GOP-issued credit card of Richard Corcoran, Rubio’s chief-of-staff at the time. The Republican Party of Florida also covered a balance of $714 on the bill, according to papers filed with the Florida Division of Elections.

Corcoran has stated that he can not explain these charges. However, “Todd Harris, an advisor to Rubio’s U.S. Senate campaign, said the charges on Corcoran’s card were not for hotel rooms but for a “leadership dinner” for Rubio, his top deputies, and their spouses. The dinner was canceled; Harris said, and the room and catering was used by Rubio’s family,” according to the Miami Herald.

Other charges made by Rubio on the Republican Party’s dime include $765.05 at Apple’s online store, $114.70 at Mario the Baker, $10.50 at an AMC movie theater, $68 at the Happy Wine liquor store, $1,456.87 at DisneyWorld, $761.54 at Costco and $171.15 at the Flower Mart in Hialeah, Florida.

The 43-year-old U.S. Senator also used the card to pay a $1,000 bill for repairs to his family’s minivan and charged another $2,976.15 for an Avis rent-a-car that was apparently needed for five weeks.

Unrelenting in his frivolous spending, Rubio also employed his wife, who used the card for to pay for $5,700 in ‘food and gas’ expenses.

Are you looking to elect a leader who spends money like a drunk with an open line of credit at the bar? Are you looking to elect a president who is beholden to the private prison industry? Are you comfortable consciously voting for another in a long line of deceitful politicians? Then Marco Rubio is for you.

Rubio has entered the presidential race looking to gobble up fiscally conservative voters, yet he has somehow concealed his personal spending habits from his potential base. Given the facts above concerning Rubio’s liberal spending of other people’s money, do you really want to give him a blank check that is solely backed with your tax money?

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