Long Beach Police Kill Unarmed Teen Then Arrest His Friends

Alissa Kokkins
April 25, 2015

(ANTIMEDIALong Beach, CA – At around 2:45 pm on Thursday afternoon, Long Beach Police claim they responded to “a report of several subjects unlawfully trespassing and tagging inside a vacant apartment,” according to Sargent Megan Zabel. The Long Beach Police Department say that when officers arrived at a vacant residential complex on the 1100 block of Hoffman Avenue in Cambodia Town there was one window that was open and another that had been broken. Through the broken window, police observed 19-year-old Hector Morejon of Long Beach standing next to a wall inside.

Police claim that Morejon then bent his knees and extended his arm

as if pointing an object which the officer perceived was a gun

(or possibly pointing that there was a cop at the window). Of course we may never know the truth because that’s when the officer fired an unknown number of shots at Morejon. Morejon was critically wounded and pronounced dead at the hospital.

After fatally wounding Hector Morejon, Long Beach Police then arrested his friends at the scene: Edgar Rodarte (20), German Rodarte (21), Yesenia Pineda (22), and Celia Cox (22), on suspicion of trespassing. German Rodarte was held on suspicion of violating a gang injunction. Despite being paraded as suspects by the mainstream media and police, none of these “suspicions” have in fact been confirmed.

While Long Beach police were quick to release a statement full of unconfirmed information about their victim, Morejon, and his friends, the department has yet to disclose how many rounds were fired by the officer(s) nor the killer cop(s) name(s). However, in a sad attempt to justify the murder of Morejon, Long Beach police have been telling news outlets that the building had “gang graffiti” in it. Although none of the reports in fact confirm that the alleged gang graffiti was the work of the dead teenager, that is a non sequitur. I’m sorry, but when does graffiti (in a vacant building nonetheless) matter more than the life of teenager? That’s right… every day if you’re brown or black in the fascist police state of Amerikkka.

The Long Beach Police Department is of course asserting that they will investigate themselves. We all know how that goes. Rest in power, Hector Morejon. May there be justice in the streets.

[Note: It has not been confirmed that Hector Morejon was in fact a person of color. However, when American police use “gang” rhetoric as an attempt to justify killing someone, there’s a 90% chance that the victim was black or brown.]

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