Activist Receives Settlement Two Decades After Having Baby with Undercover Cop

Carey Wedler
October 30, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) LONDON- A London woman has received a settlement of over 400,000 pounds from the Metropolitan police  after unknowingly having a relationship and child with an undercover cop over two decades ago.

This is the first settlement paid regarding spies who slept with female activists in the 1980s and 90s. In the case of the impregnated woman, who goes by “Jacqui” to the press, a cop named Bob Lambert posed as “Bob Robinson” while infiltrating animal rights and environmental groups.  Following the revelations over the last few years, Jacqui, who filed a lawsuit, said:

“We [the women bringing cases] are psychologically damaged; it is like being raped by the state. We feel that we were sexually abused because none of us gave consent.”

Lambert, or “Robinson,” began dating Jacqui after meeting her in East London in 1984 when she was 22. They dated so seriously that when she became pregnant, he did not encourage her to terminate the pregnancy, and rather, stayed around for nearly two years following the birth of the child. After that, he disappeared, telling Jacqui he had to escape authorities, who wanted to arrest him for his animal rights work.

In reality, he returned to his own wife and children on the outskirts of London, going on to run the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) within the Metropolitan police.

The SDS infiltrated both left and right wing groups it considered a “threat to public order.” Lambert managed other officers who formed sexual and romantic relationships with activists they spied on, but Jacqui did not know the truth of Lambert’s identity or whereabouts until she saw him in a newspaper following the outing of these undercover cops in 2011.

She has said of the revelations:

“I feel like I’ve got no foundations in my life…It was all built on sand – your first serious relationship, your first child, the first time you give birth – they’re all significant, but for me they’re gone, ruined, spoiled.”

In 2011, Jon Murphy of the Association of Chief Police Officers denied that sex was ever a permissible tool in the infiltration of activist groups:

“It is grossly unprofessional. It is a diversion from what they are there to do.”

However, statements by police in the SDS unit directly contradicted these claims. One former undercover officer said:

“Among fellow undercover officers, there is not really any kudos in the fact that you are shagging other people while deployed. Basically it’s just regarded as part of the job. It’d be highly unlikely that you were not [having sex].”

These are not the only instances of governments using sex to sabotage threats to the establishment. Edward Snowden’s leaks revealed that the British spy agency, GCHQ, uses “honey traps” to sexually entice targets online.

The NSA spied on the porn habits of “radicalizers” with the intent of leaking them to humiliate them. There is at least one documented case of an FBI informant using flirtation to manipulate an activist. She infiltrated multiple peace and anarchist groups.

In the UK, Bob Lambert is now a university teacher who specializes in Islamophobia and speaks out against racism and fascism. Though he is regretful of his actions, his role in facilitating a fascist-like state cannot be undone. Jacqui remarked that,

“I’ve had apologies from Bob himself but I want an apology from the organisation that paid him and gave him the orders.”

The British government has been staunchly resistant to dealing with the scandal, initially attempting to have the cases heard in a secret court. The recent settlement signals minimal progress.

Still, as Jacqui has said:

“I was not consenting to sleeping with Bob Lambert, I didn’t know who Bob Lambert was. I had a spy living with me, sleeping with me, making a family with me, and I didn’t do anything to deserve that.”

In yet another grotesque example, the state has shown it has no shame or limits when it comes to violating the rights of individuals in pursuit of power and control.

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