Leaked Documents Show How Much Microsoft Charges the FBI for Your Information

Abhishek Kumar | Tech Worm

After a series of hacking attacks targeting Microsoft since January this year, the Syrian Electronic Army had tweeted that they will leak the documents proving Microsoft Charges FBI (DITU) for giving users data.  Yes, they have stated that they have definite proof that Microsoft takes money from FBI in exchange for user information.  This most awaited leak was released yesterday by the Syrian Electronic Army. Image credit: techworm.net

The leaked Documents contains invoices sent by Microsoft’s Global Criminal Compliance team to the FBI’s Digital Intercept Technology Unit (DITU). The Invoices shows that Microsoft charged FBI a total of $281,000 in Nonmember with several requests made by FBI’s DITU. The data was charged between $50-$200 for each request.

Microsoft has confirmed that they do charge a fee for data provided to the security agencies. A Microsoft spokesperson said in an email “Under US law, companies can seek reimbursement for costs associated with complying with valid legal orders for customerdata. We attempt to recover some of the costs associated with any such orders.” While it is a known fact that companies like Microsoft and others can lawfully charge FBI or Government Agencies for any data request. But what came as a surprise was that thousands of data requests were made per month with each request charged.

However, neither Microsoft nor DITU have made any comments about the leaks.  The experts who have analysed the leaks say there is no indication that the leaks are fake.
The  leaked document also gives us a glimpse into the shadowy world of state espionage.  It shows how often the tech companies are requested for users data (private data) by Government Agencies.In a post on their website, Syrian Electronic Army said at the time that the SEA had managed to breach multiple emails belonging to Microsoft.  They had also requested the users of Microsoft Products (Outlook, Skype, etc.) to look into this aspect while using the product.

The Documents which were accessed and downloaded by Syrian Electronic Army after a series of hacking Attack of Microsoft in January this year. SEA had on announced soon after the attack that they will soon release the documents to the public.  Techworm managed to get some of the screenshots of the invoices that Microsoft billed the FBI with.

Screens shots from a few of the leaked documents can be seen below:
More invoices can be seen here.
Source: techworm.net
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