LA Community and Skid Row Outraged at Latest LAPD Murder ‪

Alissa Kokkins
March 3, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Los Angeles, CA — With the recent execution of a local resident known as “Africa” at the hands of LAPD,  Los Angeles Community Action Network (LACAN) and community members will be taking action against the police tomorrow, March 3, 2015. Those who cannot attend can follow the action live via PMBeers’ live stream and @Pentagonista who will be live tweeting for The Anti-Media.

Here’s the lowdown:



Residents Plan to Take Action Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 3rd!

8:00 am – Rally/Protest at corner of 6th and San Pedro Streets, DTLA

8:30 am – March from 6th and San Pedro to LAPD Headquarters

9:30 am – Testimony and Calls for Criminal Prosecution at Police Commission Meeting

Again, along with so many other communities, the Skid Row community faces the aftermath of a completely unjustified shooting of an unarmed Black man known in the community as Africa. Skid Row, occupied by the supposed “Safer Cities Initiative (SCI)” task force since late 2006, has seen some of the highest rates of use of force in the City. This is at least the third police murder since the launch of SCI, following Dale Garrett in 2011, whose killing was found out of policy (but no prosecution ensued), and Mr. Ocaño just last May, who was shot down from a billboard while posing zero risk to officers.

Skid Row has been LAPD’s testing ground for body cameras, before the Mayor’s recent initiative to put body cameras on every officer, and reportedly at least one officer had a body camera during the killing of Africa. This tragedy shows that body cameras will not stop police violence and murder. We call on the Mayor and the Police Commission to criminally prosecute officers; remove officers from the force instead of sending them home for paid leave; and other significant reforms to the current business as usual attitude that deems the lives of Ezell Ford, Africa and too many others as just part of the job. #BlackLivesMatter

As usual, LAPD has changed their statement about the events surrounding their latest murder, as the videos released so far did not support their initial statements. There was no weapon, and since LAPD officers had the man on the ground and were punching him, they couldn’t use their usual statement of the appearance of reaching for a weapon. So they’ve said Africa was reaching for an officer’s gun, while being held on the ground by four officers. This sounds unlikely at best.

Outraged community residents and LA CAN members, who have been fighting against the brutality and oppression of Safer Cities policing since its inception, will be holding a rally and protest tomorrow morning at the scene of the shooting, marching to LAPD Headquarters, and raising our voices and demands to the Police Commission. The time is now for the Police Commission to assert some real oversight and protect all of the people of Los Angeles. It’s time for them to stop LA’s role in the genocide of Black people we are seeing throughout the nation at the hands of law enforcement.

Contact: Pete White ( or Eric Ares ( | 213.228.0024