Keep Your Children Away: The Next Big Drug Epidemic Has Just Received FDA Approval

Zohydro is being called ‘oxycontin on steroids’, a potent new form of Hydrocodone, the extremely addictive, heroin-like opioid that kills thousands of people a year, is set to be released this month.

Cassius MethylThe Anti-Media

It will be available in 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 milligram doses, and even mainstream medical professionals are calculating thousands of deaths to result from it. For years, the percent of people in America addicted to opioids has been rising to pandemic proportions, particularly the generation currently coming of age, who find little opportunity for work in this economically depressed, crumbling empire. Most people who lose prescriptions to these extremely addictive opioids then turn to heroin, currently flooding the streets of the US, Russia, Africa, and the World in general. It could be said that there is an unspoken war being waged upon the world, sourcing from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, carefully guarded by the US/Western forces. Rates of addiction to hard drugs, globally, are at unprecedented levels; Greece is littered with needles in the streets, even in tourist attractions, addicts and needles flood everything.

In West Africa, starving children smoke heroin available from the poppy fields of the Middle East, because it kills their appetite and makes their harsh life and lack of prosperity easier to cope with.Ordinary families in Afghanistan smoke heroin to avoid the physical consequences of starvation, heroin being far cheaper than food.

Since NATO’s operations in Afghanistan began in 2001, Opium/Heroin production has risen 40x, and an alleged 80 tons of heroin from Afghanistan flood the world yearly, 90% of the world’s rapidly rising heroin consumption.

It is well documented that US/Western forces guard poppy fields and greatly help facilitate the world’s opiate/opioid addiction, from the Pharmaceutical Industry profiting from brand new drugs like Zohydro, to the well-guarded heroin producing poppy fields in Afghanistan.

There are a wide range of disease-like effects hitting populations in close proximity to the Afghani poppy fields. For example, the massive amounts of heroin flooding into Russia, prompts Russians to do drugs like deadly ‘Krokadil’ in withdrawal from heroin, which causes the user’s flesh to literally fall off and die.

If you wish to have a full perspective of the world, and address the problems that plague humanity and make your world, your home, a better place, this is probably something you should know about. Please share this article or this information with as many people as possible, if you wish to live in a world where we know what is going on. With the internet, now we have the capability of unprecedented consciousness.


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Cassius Methyl is an activist for the natural right of people to self ownership, a writer for Activist Post and The Anti Media, and an experimental musician.

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