Israel PM Netanyahu goes full conspiracy theory, says 'worldwide effort' against his government

March 12 2015

(WTF News) Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went full conspiracy theory saying there is a “worldwide effort” to remove him and his Likud government from power on Tuesday while speaking to party supporters. The statement came as polls suggested that he faces defeat in Israel’s upcoming election on March 17. Netanyahu has served three terms, nine years to date, and is the longest-serving Israeli PM since David Ben Gurion.

Intelligence minister Yuval Steinitz, a “close colleague” of Netanyahu, said the “the United States” is responsible for “campaign against us” along with the “media” and the “Palestinian Authority” as Guardian reported.

PM Netanyahu has a publicly tense relationship with US President Barack Obama’s administration highlighted by a March 3rd speech to Congress about the ongoing Iran nuclear talks.

Netanyahu’s speech was essentially a pep rally for the war against Iran and Congress was happy play along, giving him 26 standing ovations.

Part of the international media campaign against Netanyahu includes recent reports that the International Atomic Energy Agency was given fake documents as the end result of a February 2000 CIA operation. The operation is widely seen as an attempt to plant evidence against Iran for public discovery by regulators.

Netanyahu’s unfavorable opinion is not up for debate, as evidenced by significant protests in Israel though people are angry about Iran and Palestine.

The Israeli government has also continued to anger millions around the world with its indiscriminate killing of civilians in Palestine most recently in the 2014 war which killed more than 2000 civilians. Associated Press reported Israeli airstrikes on Palestinian homes killed 800, more than 100 children. According to U.N. figures cited by AP, at least “1,483 Palestinian civilians were killed — 66 percent of the overall death toll of 2,205”.

The conflict featured stunning violence like the airstrike that collapsed a 12 floor Gaza apartment building. Israel stated a policy that it would heavily target a three kilometer buffer zone inside Gaza which is about 44 percent of the territory, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.


The governments of France and Sweden have increased public pressure on Israel over the violence against the Palestinians as the peace process continues to be futile. The pressure has been increased despite counter moves as some in France sought to ban pro-Palestine protests. Many other European officials have quietly agreed with the increased criticism.

The situation will only become more tense as Palestine will formally join the International Criminal Court on April 1 when it plans to bring charges for war crimes. Israeli officials have stated they intend to counter those with charges against Hamas members and other claimed war criminals.

Israel is also actively engaged in dangerous subversion next door in Syria as it actively supporting Al Qaeda factions and the Islamic State against Syrian President Assad.

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