Introducing the Blood Bucket Challenge

Aaron Nelson (TheAntiMedia)
September 11, 2014

Megan Marzec, Student Senate President of Ohio University
Megan Marzec, Student Senate President of Ohio University

What would cause the Student Senate President of Ohio University, Megan Marzec, to dump a bucket of fake blood onto her head?

After she was challenged by the University’s President Roderick McDavis to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, Megan decided she would use the opportunity to protest the bombing of Gaza, using fake blood instead of ice water.

This bucket of blood symbolizes the thousands of displaced and murdered Palestinians- atrocities which Ohio University is directly complacent in through cultural and economic ties with the Israeli state,” she explained.

In the video published one week ago Marzec states, “I’m sending a message of student concern of the genocide in Gaza and the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli state. I’m urging you, and OU, to divest and cut all ties with academic and other Israeli businesses and institutions.”

If you’ve been paying attention to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, you already know what she is talking about. If not, I highly recommend watching the video below to understand her accusation of genocide in Gaza.

What erupted next was a wave of backlash and intense public outrage, pushing many in the community to demand Megan immediately resign from the position of Student Senate President. Her life has been flipped upside down, as she now receives dozens of death threats and is commonly stalked on social media by pro-Israeli shills.

I hope ISIS cuts your f***in’ head off, you f***in despicable c***,” reads a message to her LinkedIn profile.

What do you think? Is the Blood Bucket Challenge a worthy cause?

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