Watch: ICE Whistleblower Interview With CBS Interrupted by Government Agents

(CD— In a nationally televised incident that “should disturb every single person living in the United States,” agents from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General’s Office on Wednesday interrupted an interview with former ICE spokesperson James Schwab, who resigned from his position in March after he was asked to perpetuate lies on behalf of the Trump administration.

“This is intimidation,” Schwab told CBS reporter Jamie Yuccas after the agents left his doorstep. “And this is why people won’t come out and speak against the government.”


Schwab, who began working for ICE in 2015, left the agency after he refused orders to echo the Trump administration’s lie that more than 800 undocumented immigrants avoided arrest during a February sweep in Northern California because of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s public warning ahead of the massive raid.

According to Schwab, the DHS agents who “ambushed” the interview wanted to know if Schwab tipped off the Oakland mayor about the planned raids.

“I’ve never met her before. I never contacted Libby Schaaf,” Schwab told Yuccas.

Asked why he has decided to speak about his former employer, Schwab said he hopes to empower other government officials to push back against pressure to spread false information to cater to the Trump White House’s agenda.

“That’s one of the most important reasons that I’m doing this is that—so that people hear that someone else stood up, that someone else said, ‘No,'” Schwab said. “To actually prepare and stand out in front of the public and perpetuate something that you know is absolutely false is not okay. And no special agent from the Department of Homeland Security is gonna stop me from saying that.”

Watch the full interview:

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  • Hercules Brownstone

    What are we supposed to do?! Ignore the liberals (media too!) insanity towards POTUS, as well as the majority of this country?! Do we just KEEP pretending THAT this is “normal” behavior and that THEY are exhibiting “rational” thought?!
    On the other hand we have POTUS, trying his best to HELP the citizens of this country, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! The radical ingenuity POTUS has had to come up with to outmanouver the pouting princesses on the left is ONLY necessary BECAUSE THE LEFT IS SO SLIMY AND CORRUPT in the first place!
    The truth is that we didnt elect President Trump to give AF about criminal illegals! We didnt elect him to be nice to the lying imposters posing as journalists, either. We elected him TO CONTACT RUSSIA on our behalf-to keep us OUT OF NUCLEAR WAR! We elected him because he doesnt sugar coat the truth to please liberal princesses everywhere! We elected him because he knows how to fight, AND WIN, battles with the rich scumbags trying to destroy us. He is unapologetic, just like US!
    Honestly, the medias hypocritical HYSTERIA is so pathetic as to be a joke! We are just FINE with POTUS breaking the rules, if necessary, in order to deprive the liberal lunatics from being able to continue bilking this country, as they are! We dont want, OR NEED, a frightened bunny in the white house-we need A PIT BULL!
    We already decided that we are ok with the china being broken and the furniture being destroyed, because it is well worth the payoff. The pit bulls presence is ENOUGH even if all he does is destroy the white house, because it is OUR HOUSE! WE decide WHO does WHAT here!! Not the screeching communist degenerates running around, PRETENDING to be Americans!
    What part of THAT does the media NOT understand?!
    Didnt they get the memo we sent out on election day?!