Humans Can’t Attend Elon Musk’s New ‘College’ – It’s for Artificial Intelligence Only

(ANTIMEDIA) – With the world hurtling closer to AI/human hybrids, it’s never been more important to get an education in advanced artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, the new training platform created by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, is only available to AI — so if you’re human, you’re out of luck.

The new ‘college’ is, in actuality, a training platform called Universe, whereby AI can interact with games, web browsers, protein folding software, and “transfer learning,” which allows them to take what they’ve learned in one application and apply it to another. The AI engages via Virtual Network Computing, or VNC, which involves them sending simulated mouse and keyboard strokes. The process proceeds through trial and error and risk and reward.

The Universe digital suite’s home is in the OpenAI artificial intelligence learning center in San Francisco, where developers will begin “measuring and training AI agents.” OpenAI is the non-profit brainchild of entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, who have made no secret of their ambitions to greatly accelerate the research and development of transhumanist technologies.

Of course, OpenAI has competition. DeepMind, Alphabet’s artificial intelligence division, recently announced it will open-source its 3D playground of AI research, as well. This is yet another environment in which AI agents will be autonomously operating and striving towards educational benchmarks.

In a blog post, the DeepMind team explained their approach:

“…we work from the premise that AI needs to be general. Agents should operate across a wide range of tasks and be able to automatically adapt to changing circumstances. That is, they should not be pre-programmed, but rather, able to learn automatically from their raw inputs and reward signals from the environment. There are two parts to this research program: (1)  designing ever-more intelligent agents capable of more-and-more sophisticated cognitive skills, and (2) building increasingly complex environments where agents can be trained and evaluated.”

“Similar to Open AI, in DeepMind Lab, AI agents observe the world as an image, in pixels, rendered from their own first-person perspective. They also may receive a reward (or punishment!) signal. The agent can activate its thrusters to move in 3D and can also rotate its viewpoint along both horizontal and vertical axes.”

With Musk’s OpenAI, the open platform nature is of primary importance because Musk believes it is important for AI to develop in a decentralized environment in which there is no monopolistic power in charge.

The idea of AI/human hybrids figures into the model, as well. Musk believes it’s critical that AI trains on interfaces created for human use. This way, the AI becomes more human-like during its cognitive evolution. With more and more transhumanist researchers convinced that humans and artificial intelligence are destined to merge into symbiotic entities, it seems fitting that the new training programs seek human behaviors in their modeling while also providing open environments for deep learning to take place.

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