Umbrella Revolution Reinvigorated After Hong Kong Police Caught on Tape Beating Activist

Alissa Kokkins
October 16, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) HONG KONG –  Amidst the second week of pro-democracy protests dubbed “The Umbrella Revolution,” echoes of Ferguson rang through Hong Kong as six police officers were caught on tape leading Civic Party member and social worker, Ken Tsang, into a dark corner. Once obscured from view, police beat the shit out of Tsang early Wednesday. On film, Tsang is clearly neither aggressive nor resistant towards police. Video of the gang style police violence sparked public outrage after being broadcast across news stations and the Internet.

The beating was one of many incidents of police violence used against pro-democracy supporters who had re-occupided Lung Wo Road tunnel in Admiralty on Wednesday. To clear out those gathered in the public space to demand justice, Hong Kong police used force, pepper spray, and batons during what many are calling the most brutal attack on the Umbrella Movement to date. Forty-five people were arrested by police.

None of the six officers beating Ken Tsang on tape have been arrested for the assault. Instead, the officers involved in the attack have been put on temporary leave according to Hong Kong police. Hong Kong police issued a statement vowing to internally investigate their own corruption impartially, of course.

Hong Kong police officers who beat handcuffed activist.

Meanwhile, some members of the Chinese press seem to be working swiftly to cover-up the incident.


Being smeared by the press has not deterred the outrage and demand for justice from pro-democracy supporters who remain determined. In fact, the Umbrella Revolution appears to have been reinvigorated by the recent police violence. Protestors have been engaging in extra creative organizing and nonviolent tactics in response to Wednesday’s attack, including:

1. Slow jamming traffic.


2. Messages letting police know the Umbrella Revolution means business.


3. Expressing their feelings about police.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.07.12 AM

4. When in doubt, run it off.


The Umbrella Revolution is a leaderless movement led in large by students and other groups and people who stand in solidarity with the fight for a right to democracy. They are also calling for the resignation of the current Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Leung Chin-Ying.

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