A Non-Partisan Look at Why a Hillary Clinton Presidency is an Absolutely Horrible Idea

Ben Morris
April 15, 2015

(TFC) Washington, D.C — It was the worst kept secret in Washington; an expected inevitability where only time and place was in question. Hillary Clinton, former first lady, senator, and secretary of state will once again run for the presidency.  Those who love her grant her sainthood, but the truth of the matter is, she would make a terribly inept president whose alliances will squarely rest with warmongers, dictators, and profiteers of war.

Progressives and women all over America are jumping for joy that Hillary Clinton is running for president. What they are cheering on is a pro war, pro spying corporatist, who takes dirty money and does the dirty work for corporations who strive to profit off of misery.

In 2003, Clinton voted in favor of the Iraqi invasion that killed and maimed thousands of American troops, as well as contributing to the killing of a million innocent Middle Eastern civilians. She regretted the vote by writing in her memoir, “I thought I had acted in good faith and made the best decision I could with the information I had. And I wasn’t alone in getting it wrong. But I still got it wrong. Plain and simple.” She also claimed the vote became “painful,” as she kept corresponding with her supporters in New York who lost a family member in the war.

The vote contributed to one of the worst foreign policy disasters in American history, and is indicative of the mess Clinton loves to make. She did all of that while cashing checks for defence contractors. In her run for the presidency, Clinton got more money from defence contractors in one quarter than Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and Rudy Guiliani. To appease her donors, Clinton is on record for supporting possible war with Iran, and increasing the defence budget. Her record of supporting war, and making a huge mess out of countries is shown in how Libya was destroyed with Clinton’s help.

During the Libya civilian war, both the Department of Defense and the C.I.A balked against intervention, but that didn’t stop Clinton from pushing for intervention, citing her husband’s failure to stop the genocide in Rwanda. After the country was blown up, Clinton’s state department lacked the resources and preparedness to assist in the formation of a post-Gadhafi government.

Even more sickening; with Gadhafi gone America lost intelligence in the fight against Al-Qaeda. Even though he was an evil man, Gadhafi sent frequent intelligence reports to the C.I.A. Clinton’s actions in voting for Iraq, and making a mess out of Libya, is not the only reason her presidency would be a disaster. Her hypocrisy when talking about women’s issues is something that no woman who supports Clinton, should ignore.

Clinton’s campaign is expected to push for the female vote by decrying issues like the gender wage gap, but if she is a supporter of women’s issues then she should be more careful of who she accepts money from. While she led the State Department, The Clinton Foundation accepted donations from foreign governments that include Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. In Qatar marital rape is legal, and women are expected to be nothing more than housewives; in the UAE, a Norwegian woman who was raped was sentenced to sixteen months in jail for the crime of extramarital sex. The courts in the UAE believed a raped woman lied to them, and threw her in jail for having, in their view, an affair. It gets even worse for women in the tiny Arabic country, as men are legally allowed to beat their wives.

Feminists who will vote for Clinton because she is a woman, who is a supposed champion of women’s rights, will be voting for a woman who betrays women. NOW President Terry O’Neill either ignored those issues, or believes hypocrisy is a commendable character trait when she endorsed Clinton’s candidacy by writing, “Secretary Clinton’s candidacy is a powerful message to girls that they can aspire to the highest office,” which is great of course, but those aspirations are squashed in countries like Oman and the UAE where women are not thought of as humans. Taking money from countries that abuse women shows the world, when it comes to cash, your integrity, and the rights of others are negotiable.

Clinton is the worst person to depend on when it comes to changing the power structure in Washington. She is a friend of the big banks who destroyed America’s economy, driving families from their homes and out of the workforce. All voters have to do is search her name on Open Secrets to see her major donors are banks like Citi Group, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan & Chase. The Clinton Foundation has also taken money from Goldman Sachs, with Hillary scratching their back by giving two separate speeches at Goldman Sachs conferences.  Her pro corporate leanings are shown in her acceptance of campaign dollars from law firms. One donor, Kirkland and Ellis represents massive corporations like Pfizer, Dow Chemical, Raytheon, and Fannie Mae.

Clinton is not the candidate to change the old guard. She claims she is a populist who cares about the middle class, and women, yet she cashes checks from big banks and countries with terrible human rights records. She won’t reign in banks, and will gleefully destroy governments with bombs and foreign policy failures. She has already told the American public who she will govern for with the appointment of Jerry Crawford to run her campaign in Iowa. Crawford, who has served on other campaigns, did legal work for Monsanto, a company that destroys the environment and contaminates the food supply.

If you are ready for Hillary, you can expect corporations to continue their control of Washington; after all, Hillary is in love with corporate money and will do anything to feed their pockets at the risk of the American public.

This article originally appeared on The Fifth Column and was used with permission.