High Levels of Monsanto Herbicide Found in Breast Milk of American Women

Cassius Methyl | The Anti Media

Organizations ‘Mom’s Across America’ and ‘Sustainable Pulse’ recently released the results of their first ever test of breast milk contamination by glyphosate herbicides, showing that 3 out of 10 women tested were plagued with breast milk containing ‘worrying levels’ of poison. Image credit: ford 

They basically put forth extremely strong evidence that glyphosate herbicides such as Round-Up are bio-accumulative, and build up in the human body without being excreted out, the complete opposite of what was told to the public by Monsanto and other advocates for GM crops and related herbicide.

The advocates for herbicide assured the public that the herbicides do not build up in the body, and that they are harmless in the small doses people take in.

Did they know they were lying and giving people cancer, allowing infants to drink high levels toxic chemicals in their breast milk?

Testing commissioners are actually now putting forth effort to get the USDA and EPA to ban Glyphosate herbicides such as Monsanto’s ‘Round-up’, or at least temporarily ban them before more studies are done on the bio-accumulative nature of the toxins.

This is unprecedented, and may be considered activism and spreading awareness paying off.

The organizations behind the studies say the studies were “set up to inspire and initiate full peer-reviewed scientific studies on glyphosate, by regulatory bodies and independent scientists worldwide.”

Claire Robinson, Research Director of Earth Open Source, says:

“Regulators and industry always say it is the dose that makes the poison, and even the increasing levels of glyphosate currently found in food and feed and the environment are not a problem.However, that argument only holds true if glyphosate doesn’t build up in the human body and is excreted as fast as we take it in. These breast milk results suggest glyphosate may bio-accumulate. That means that our body tissues might be exposed to higher levels than the so-called safe levels set by regulators. So, these regulations are not protecting us.”

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