Harry Reid's Orwellian Doublespeak About The Patriot Act


Lou Colagiovanni
May 13, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) If you want to soak in a master class lesson in the dark and insidious art of political doublespeak, pay attention to the recent Orwellian rhetoric of Democratic Senator Harry Reid.

On May 12, on the Senate floor, Reid said, “my friend, the Majority Leader, keeps talking about extending the program for five and a half years. How can you reauthorize something that’s illegal? You can’t. You shouldn’t.”

Reid was referencing Section 215 of the Patriot Act, which is set to expire June 1. Section 215 makes it legal for the United States government to spy on its people.

Well good for Reid, and by extension Democrats, for taking this stand, right? Not at all. It’s a cheap trick. Let’s look at the facts.

Reid voted in favor of The Patriot Act in 2001 during its original enactment, where it passed 98 to 1.

He again voted in 2006 for its re-authorization, where it passed 95 to 4.

In 2011, for anyone who remembers that far back into the ancient history of this nation, when Democrats were in power, Reid used Senate procedural rules to quash Rand Paul’s attempt at a Patriot Act filibuster.

Reid personally sponsored S. 1038: PATRIOT Sunsets Extension Act of 2011 which was not enacted.  Instead, S. 990 was enacted May 26,2011, and Harry Reid voted in favor of that too.

All of the aforementioned leaves us where we are now.

Reid has only come out against the Patriot Act because he knows that there isn’t even a minutia of a chance of Republicans not voting for reauthorization. It is a lowly maneuver meant to score political points.

In knowing that the reauthorization is guaranteed, Reid has also proposed a bill that has no chance of passing titled the USA Freedom Act which would eliminate bulk metadata collection, while keeping the rest of the Patriot Act.

Reid’s actions have two motives. They are meant to provide political cover to Democrats against the growing dissent towards the surveillance state, while simultaneously being able to shame Republicans for something he has already voted in favor of numerous times.

This two faced behavior, which the far majority of the public is too misinformed to notice, is exactly why America is doomed.

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