Google Searches For "How Can I Move to Canada" Spiked 1,150% on Super Tuesday

Tyler Durden
March 2, 2016

(ZEROHEDGE) Super Tuesday sure was “super” for Donald Trump. The billionaire – who has gone from “joke” to “front-runner” in the span of just 9 months — is now the presumed pick for the GOP nomination. That rattled the Republican establishment and sent shockwaves through Washington where no one — and we mean no one — can figure out how this happened.

And while citizens clearly believe Trump is preferable to America’s entrenched political aristocracy, there are quite a few people who have very real reservations about the prospects of a Trump presidency. As we noted earlier this week, readers will likely disagree with a number of Larry Summers’ points, but the bottom line is that some Americans are concerned about the direction the country will take under a Trump presidency.

As The Telegraph notes, searches by Americans for “how can I move to Canada” were up more than 1,000% at their peak after Trump’s Super Tuesday victory.

And so, while this would seem to indicate a bit of national disaffection for the Trump bid, it’s worth noting that the billionaire’s support base is unwavering. In fact, the GOP front-runner’s dominating performance on Tuesday evening indicates that for every American who wants to move to Canada should in the event he wins the presidency, there are just as many (or many more) Americans who think Trump is just what the country needs.

“While analysts were already aware of Trump’s popularity among less-educated workers, his landslide win in Massachusetts with 49 per cent of the vote was particularly surprising, since the state has the most educated population in the U.S,” The Telegraph goes on to note.

At his victory speech in Florida, he said: “I’m going to get along very well with the world. You’re going to be very proud of me as president.”

Well, unless you move to Canada. In which case you’ll have to be “very proud” of Justin Trudeau.

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