German Machine Can Literally Turn Water Into Gasoline Using Electrolysis

Cassius Methyl
November 24, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) A German chemical engineering company called Sunfire GmbH are finalizing an engineering installation, a machine that will effectively turn ordinary water into gasoline, synthesizing petroleum based fuels from the building blocks of water.

Through a process called ‘Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis’, Sunfire’s electricity powered machine will convert CO2 extracted from water plus hydrogen gas from the water vapor, into fuels such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene, and other chemicals via ‘electrolysis’.

“I would call it a miracle because it completely changes the way we are producing fuels for cars, planes and also the chemical industry,” says Nils Aldag, Chief Financial Officer and co-founder of the company based out of Dresden, Germany.

“What is important is that the value creation happens at the place where you use the fuel,” he said.

He said the main benefits are a no transportation cost, as it is synthesized oil for use wherever it’s made, and that it requires no expensive infrastructure. “You are producing the fuel right where you are actually going to use it,” Aldag continued.

Of course if you are aware of what takes place in the open and occult geopolitics of oil (and reserve currency influenced by economies boosted by oil trading deals between countries), you know a device like this means so much more than this person is quite modestly describing. Watch the machine in action below:

An article from RT containing his interview also said,

“The conversion process takes place in a series of reactors at temperatures between 150 and 300 degrees Celsius.

However, the F-T fuel technology “will always be more expensive” than getting conventional liquid hydrocarbon fuels from oil or coal, Aldag warned.”

“I think in a very long time it will actually have an impact on geopolitics. What you always have to know is that the quantities that are required in these industries are so big that it would be difficult for such a technology to make a significant impact in a short period of time,” the founder of Sunfire GmbH continued to say.

You know how people who get in the way of the ‘petrodollar’ and monopolies of oil often end up getting mysteriously taken out, or unable to continue with their work?

Well, hopefully that won’t happen in this case; people who came up with ideas for fuels that are sustainable, and don’t require a hierarchical system of profit and exploitation, have been persecuted enough times for us to know that these people could end up mysteriously hurt or unable to continue working.

Do you think this genuinely has the potential to end the paradigm of acquiring oil and fossil fuels in the manner people do today, in favor of something much less harmful environmentally and geopolitically?

Please share this with as many people as possible, and maybe you and the person you share this with could debate if this means anything, and what the results might be if it did become a big thing. A daily debate keeps the mind sharp.

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