The Search for Cop Killer Eric Frein, aka #FreinGATE, has Turned into Extended Martial Law

Joseph Lemieux
October 28, 2014

A summary of the evidence so far:

An Interview with a PA local who is in the search area, and under Martial Law:

These claims of mass murder of police, and civilians are baseless.

The PSP (Pennsylvania State Police) repeatedly claim that Eric Frein is out to inflict mass casualties on police , and civilians, yet have failed to show any proof of Frein saying this. Not only have they lacked proof of Frein saying this, but they have absolutely failed to prove to us that Frein even had a motive. Now there’s speculation that Frein’s motive is an affair between Eric’s brothers wife, and the officer wounded, but that’s as close as we’ve gotten so far. Are the PSP trying to hide the adultery to save face of the department, all the while withholding pertinent information on Frein’s motive?

Innocent until proven guilty…. Unless your Frein!

The PSP has taken a strong standing that Eric Frein is their guy, and that he is the shooter. Now its highly possible that Frein is the guy, but the evidence is just odd, and raises more questions than it answers! In the abandoned jeep they found Frein’s driver’s license,Social Security card, vehicle registration, a game commission range permit, camouflage face paint, flashlights, two empty rifle cases, military gear and information about foreign embassies. For a guy who the PSP claims has been planning this for years, which they still haven’t sited any proof of that, he sure seems like he didn’t plan at all. Why would Frein leave all the information to identify himself in this crime, when he would have been a ghost if he didn’t. The PSP had no clue who the shooter was prior to them finding this conveniently dumped jeep with everything they need to point a finger at someone!

The price tag on this search is immense.

The whole search for Frein comes with a hefty price tag, but not only for the tax payers, but the business owners who are losing money big time due to the martial law! The search for Frien costs roughly 1.4 million dollars a week.  The search being over five weeks, this is costing the tax payer well over 7 million dollars. This figure just includes officers, and agents base pay, it does not include how much housing, feeding the men, or fuel costs during the search would cost! Seven million is going easy on the estimate. Keep in mind it’s 1,000 officers vs. one man!

How do we know if Freins even still in the woods?

How do we know if Frein is still even in the woods? After all the money spent, and man power on this search, the PSP has yet to even prove to us that Frein is even still in the area! Who’s to say this guy isn’t long gone, and they are just raking in the overtime “Searching” for him? Just like the Boston Bombing they locked down a city, violated peoples rights, and only find the guy after they lift the lock down, because an average citizen found him These martial law tactics are a whole lot better at violating your rights, than they are at finding criminals.

Why the media blackout?

I’m not sure why there is such a media blackout on this case, and not just by the MSM. The case with Christopher Dorner, the Boston Bombing, and Ferguson, all the media outlets covered these stories heavily, that includes Alternative Media. This case is widely different, the Alternative Media, and the MSM have let this slip their mind. Huge violations of civil rights are being conducted under the color of law, and no ones batting an eye.

The extended version of Martial Law is here!

Martial Law has descended upon the citizens of north east Pennsylvania, but a prolonged Martial Law we haven’t seen before! We have seen instances of Martial Law in the US before, but not on this scale. Over 1,000 officers are looking for one man, yet they can’t find him, and their willing to violate people’s rights to do so. This Martial Law has been going on for over a month now, and the lack of blow back from the community is astonishing! Some people have been kicked out of their homes for days, while the PSP “searches” for Frein. This is not something any of us should accept, our rights do not go out the window, because of a fugitive!

The CDC has even joined in!

The CDC has even joined in by sending all of the resident of the immediate Search area flyers on tips with coping with stress! I find this odd, and disingenuous. Locals of the search are more stressed by the police presence, than Eric Frein. You can check these flyers out for yourself below, and see what you make of it!

Front page:

Back Page:

It’s worth noting PEMA scheduled full scale training exercises around the time of the incident.

PEMA is the state version of the federal agency FEMA. Now I am not saying this is directly related to the Frein Case, but I do think at the very least its worth noting. This may mean a whole lot, or just be a coincidence, I will leave that up to you readers to decide!

Schedule PDF :

Contact the PSP and express your displeasure of their tactics!

Everyone who thinks Martial Law is a threat to American Freedom need to contact the PSP, and the elected officials,  and let them know that this is NOT OKAY! We have a constitution for a reason, and its there for them to follow it. The more people that put the pressure on them to stop their brute tactics, the more likely it will end. That goes for everyone of you in PA. We need to bring attention to #FreinGATE, or no one else will!