Florida Police Killed 7 People in 8 Days in November

Cassius Methyl
November 24, 2014

(TheAntiMedia) From November 16th to November 24th, Florida police killed 7 people in just 8 days.

Florida is having a serious issue with police brutality and corruption; earlier this year, we also covered a story of how a department crossed the ‘thin blue line’ and came out against their corrupt department. In response, the entire department was disbanded.

Here are brief accounts of the 7 people who lost their lives to the police in Florida in just 8 days:

On November 16th, 46 yr old woman names Dawn Cameron was shot and killed by police in Inverness after she allegedly ‘tried to grab the officer’s stun gun’. More about this incident can be read here, the officer’s name has not been released, and pretty much no one noticed this even happened.

Two days later on the 18th in Dunedin, a 34 year-old Michael Case was shot and killed by police because he had a knife, seemingly at a distance from officers. His girlfriend called police because he was suicidal, and as things often go, the police finished the job and killed him so he didn’t have to kill himself, doing the opposite of what they were called there to do. More about the incident can be read here.

On the 20th, Myron May actually did something that warranted him being shot by police; he shot other students, and was shot by police.

On the 22nd, 53-year old Curtis Holley lit a house on fire, and killed a police officer, and was then killed by police in Leon County. Police used this as an opportunity to slander anti-government people, saying “We have information that we have received that this person was anti-government, anti-establishment and had discussed at some time to harm law enforcement,” said Lt. James McQuaig of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

Also on the 22nd, 40 year-old Pamela Edwards was shot and killed by police in front of her home in Eustis, as police followed her home after a hit and run crash. She allegedly had a gun, there is no evidence available to the public to confirm that, and the type of gun was not specified. More about the incident can be read here.

Finally on the 24th, Leonardo Marquette Little, age 33, was shot and killed by Jacksonville police. Here is a description of the event from a news article: “He connected two sets of handcuffs together into a foot-long chain due to Little’s stocky, 275-pound frame and began to make the arrest. Once the first handcuff was clipped on his wrist, Little began to fight, swinging at Grant then breaking away and running, Hackney said. Grant gave chase and fired his Taser, striking Little, who was stunned but then fought again. A second attempt to fire the Taser didn’t work so Grant tried to use the device by pressing it into Little, who then grabbed it away. “The subject is now armed with the officer’s Taser and also armed with two handcuffs hanging off his wrist,” Hackney said. Little stood and charged despite commands to stop resisting, and was shot twice, Hackney said.”

In addition to all of this, in the same time-span Florida police fired on a man rushing to get his daughter her asthma medication, but luckily no one was injured.

An article by The Anti Media on the Gretna, Florida shooting of Kaldrick Donald few weeks ago got almost 2 million views, massively publicizing the incident that only locals knew of before we covered it. This just keeps happening, and we must take note of exactly where, when, and why it’s happening if we are going to choose the path of doing something about this, so here are your facts.

Please share this with absolutely as many people as possible; this is another piece of the puzzle that we started really putting together with the massive awareness brought to us by Ferguson, and we must continue to learn about these events to truly be in the position to collectively stop them from happening.

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